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Oversoul Teachings: We’ve Communicated With You For Centuries

Channeled Through Wes Annac On 7-2-14

When you take some time to attune to the energies and impressions you’re being given from the higher realms, you open up to a greater influence that delivers a plethora of energy and advice, the hope for which is to assist you along your paths.

You’re navigating your ascension paths with as much grace as you can muster up, and we note that even in your times of seeming depletion, you radiate a massive amount of energy that affects the minds and hearts of everyone else on your planet and makes it far easier for them to pick up on this energy themselves.

A lot of channeled sources use the time we’re blessed to have with you to talk about the increasingly pure energy being delivered through your opening and expanding hearts, and this is because this energy is very important to your evolution and your eventual ability to raise your vibration and align it with the fifth dimension.

As we and plenty of others have said in the past, humanity and the conscious public especially are starting to feed your energies into the realms of the fourth dimension, and as you do, you increasingly refine and lighten your collective vibration in preparation for the aforementioned vibrational alignment. 

A Higher Version of Yourselves 

This alignment is ongoing, and you can assist it by consciously aligning your frequency with a higher version of yourselves as often as possible.

When you can live in love in every moment, everything you seek to do will be easier and more enjoyable and all of the pain and fear that’s held you back in the past will be replaced with an unprecedented sense of joy and exuberance that you wouldn’t have expected yourselves to have in the past.

We don’t recommend living in love to such a degree that you let complacency into your lives, and if you find that you’re being taken advantage of by others because of your kindness, you can know to lovingly withdrawal and use your kindness and positivity for other, more lucrative things.

Living in love as much as you can will have a very positive long term effect on your vibration, and your ability to find the clear and pure state of consciousness you seek will be sharpened with each day you spend in a loving, harmonious frame of mind.

Everything you seek to do will become easier when you let yourselves exist in the simplicity of the heart space and refuse to let anything take you off of your developing paths.

The immense connections you have the potential to make require you to be in as clear and pure of a state of consciousness as possible, and when you make a constant, continuous effort to live in love and let the lower, selfish qualities that have held you back in the past fall by the wayside, you’ll take your first steps on the road to heaven, which you’ve paved for yourselves.

You’re lightening and refining your vibration as you learn to express patience in unfavorable moments and circumstances, and as we have plenty of times before, we applaud all of you for the incentive you have and continue to show in offering yourselves to humanity’s development and evolution.

Many of you are practicing and honing your deeper spiritual abilities, such as channeling, while others are focused more on the physical restoration and transformation of your planet, and every effort that’s made is sincerely and eternally appreciated.

You’ll find in the higher realms that you were rewarded for your selfless service on the earth, and even though we know most of you care little about the rewards you’ll enjoy after your journeys are over, we still want you to know that they’re already immense.

This is even true for those of you who feel as if you live an ‘ordinary’ life, knowing the things you do but not contributing much to the restoration of consciousness. You’re contributing far more than you realize, and your mere existence on the earth is a contribution to the collective consciousness because awareness begets awareness.

Whether or not you knowingly put your awareness to good use, the fact that it exists within means that it’ll influence a plethora of other souls on your planet to open up to the sacred truths of their existence and, eventually, lighten their vibration enough to ascend.

As Many as Possible

Your collective ascension is the main reason we’re so focused on your planet and helping you evolve, and we want for as many earthy souls as possible to make their way through the ascension portal and experience the wonders the fifth dimension has to offer.

Most of humanity still has a lot of work to do before they can reach this point, and the conscious public also has work to do before your vibration can be pure enough to resonate with the fifth dimension.

The vibration of most of you is going back and forth between the third and fourth dimensions, and those of you who tend to feed into negativity on an extreme level dip your energies into the lower fourth-dimensional realms from time to time, but the higher aspects of your consciousness are helping see to it that any time spent in the lower realms is mitigated and doesn’t have too negative of an effect in the long run.

Eventually, no seeker will resort to anger or the myriad other lower qualities that put them in such a place, and most of the conscious public is far, far away from the lower fourth-dimensional realms.
The vibration you exist on is determined entirely by how you choose to think and act, and if you convince yourselves your lives or experiences are too limited to be enjoyable, then you’ll create this for yourselves as you wonder why you can’t seem to enjoy your lives as much as you know you could.

In many cases, it’s because of your state of mind, and if you’re too convinced that limitation is your reality to see that it isn’t, you’ll block yourselves from the uninhibited connections you have the opportunity to feel and act on. You can be freer than you would’ve ever thought or imagined, and it starts with the decision to recognize how liberated your lives already are.

Yes, many of you have a lot of limits to deal with that can feel very confining, but beyond them, you’re limitless beings of full consciousness who are just beginning to rediscover your sacred, higher-dimensional nature and the things you’re capable of doing.

Your abilities far surpass what even the most ‘superhuman’ souls on your planet have been able to accomplish, and if you could only realize this, you’d start the greatest of your work and achieve things that were previously thought to be impossible.

The aforementioned seekers who are honing their greater, higher-dimensional abilities truly are pioneers for the rest of your planet to live by the example of, and channeling, for example, is so outside of your society’s perception that even amongst some conscious camps, it’s shunned as something that’s just too ‘new agey’ to be real or acceptable.

Channeling is quite a taboo practice depending on which earthly soul one talks to, but the souls who are practicing their channeling abilities in the face of all odds and all shouts of falsehood are pioneering a practice that millions of souls will eventually open up to and start doing.

Those of you who are particularly interested in the idea of being pioneers are encouraged to know that you absolutely can be, and those of you who are practicing the taboo abilities you’ve started to discover are clearing the way for waves of earthly souls to do the same thing when the time comes and humanity’s consciousness and awareness grow to new heights.

Rapid Transformation

With the direction your society’s currently moving in, it’s understandable that a lot of souls would assume it’s going to continue in that direction forever.

If you could peer just a short time into your future, however, you’d see how drastically consciousness will rise and how passionate all of humanity will be about developing their greater perception and the divinely ordained abilities that come with it.

We don’t intend to dangle the metaphorical carrot in front of your noses by speaking of a momentous time that isn’t too far off in your future, but from our perspective, consciousness and awareness have already grown to enormous heights.

They’ll continue to do so until your entire planet is aware of spirit and ready to make the changes that need made before you can become a brimming society that’ll host the presence of thousands of other galactic civilizations and organizations, and with all of the wok that’s already being done to manifest your future, we can say with love that it isn’t as far off as some seekers have convinced themselves it is.

We’ll say again that if you could peek into your future, even for a moment, you’d be very surprised at what’s in store for humanity.

There will be no dark, negative or destructive future, and the earthly cabal won’t achieve their dreams of enslaving humanity and doing the myriad other things that have never been allowed by the councils overseeing the earth’s ascension, who exist far outside of your planet and have far greater ability to influence the direction it goes in.

There’s a greater force overseeing your planet’s affairs, and we’re speaking directly with you – in some cases, daily.

If the rest of your planet could understand that limitless higher dimensions exist, the citizens of which are very interested in connecting with you, then they could see how active we’ve been in helping you and ‘thwarting’ your earthly cabal. They’d also understand that we’ve communicated with you for centuries.

Direct and Telepathic Contact

Earthly souls have been picking up on the advice and guidance of us in the higher dimensions for far longer than most people on your planet are aware of, and your star brethren, who are facets of the Company of Heaven, have visited you directly in your past in an effort to help spread the sacred teachings we now use channels to convey.

You can telepathically connect with your star family, and the same goes for the rest of the Company of Heaven. We encourage you to connect with your higher selves before making any other higher-vibrational connections, however, because your higher selves act as vessels for other entities to bring their communications through.

The higher self absorbs the frequency and information of the entity one seeks to connect with, and funnels it down to the mind and heart of the earthly soul for them to absorb and translate into physical words.

The higher self plays a very big role in helping their earthly sparks connect with various entities and collectives, and you’re all limitless receivers of the wisdom and energy of the higher realms and all who reside in them.

Certain higher-dimensional souls only choose to send their energies and impressions to certain souls on earth, but this doesn’t limit your ability to connect with every other soul in these realms who’s happy to connect with you and share as much energy and information as we can.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to ready yourselves for the positive manner in which your lives will transform as you keep doing the inner work that’s required before you can witness such a transformation.

You have far more amazing wonders to witness than you yet realize, and we look forward to the time when you can see just what you’re capable of and just what your society’s about to turn into. With your hard work, the surface of the earth will be transformed into the new society of your dreams, but you have to be willing to offer as much of yourselves as possible before you can witness what’s ahead.

We’re confident that many of you will happily take up the missions you’ve assigned yourselves to, and we excitedly await the time when we can work directly with you. This time isn’t too far off, and the more you raise your individual and collective vibration, the closer you’ll get to the higher realms.
Than you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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