Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Divine Mother: You Are Precious To Me; Will You Open To Receive?


Linda Dillon provides an update on the Tsunami of Love. Linda has been away on vacation and holds a Saturday morning conference call. This is the substance of that call.

The channeling starts at 4:04. The Mother incarnated as Mary the Mother of Jesus, but again gives us a clue to her existence by saying “I am Mare,” meaning Ocean. The Father/Mother God is the Ocean of Love, in spiritual terms, to which each of us drops returns.

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You say “I do not feel a thing. What is wrong?” Nothing is wrong. Nothing is amiss. … There is no creature, great or small, and certainly not human or hybrid, who is exempt from this wash of love. …

I am cleansing you. I am washing you. I am re-establishing the truth, the wholeness of who you are. I do not do this to you. I do this for you and with you. And I do it only in love.  …

Have you ever noticed, dear hearts, young children and even babies who cry and scream at bathtime and yet as soon as they are in the water, they are happy and content and you can’t get them out. So it is with humanity.  …

Man’s inhumanity to man, the cruelty, the meanness, the control, the greed, the lust, the fear is all coming to the surface and it has to that it may be washed with the tides, with the winds, with the currents that surround you. If that energy, which is of human creation, it eats you from the inside out, it destroys you,and it destroys all civilization. And that, my beloved ones, is not and will not be my Plan. It is not your plan. It is not My Plan. And it is not the unfoldment I refer to.

You, each of you, are magnificent beyond your wildest imagination. You get a glimmer now and then but you have not seen as yet the full wonder of your interdimensional ascended Self, the restoration of who you really are. I know you. And, dear hearts, I beckon you.

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