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You Cannot Leave Until You Can Find The Door

Channelled By Peter Phalam On 7-18-14

All dimensional realms have portal entries. This is true as well of the astral plane where the majority of dream states occur. The higher the dimension, the more complicated the process of accessing the next dimensional level. We will discuss the nature of these different portals as this brings an important awareness to your consciousness. Further, we will discuss the various harmonics assigned to these dimensional settings and how we function within these differing energy levels. One rule of thumb is that the more alkaline the physical body, the more alkaline the light body and the more dimensional dexterity at your command.

For most of you the astral plane portals are second nature and you have no problem accessing them. We desire to make a clean movement through the astral plane. We have long worked with the karmic interference of many younger souls but now it is time to emancipate in a more global perspective. The simple way to bypass astral influences and access 5th dimensional portals is through specific meditation activities prior to the sleep state. These range from simple candle meditations to patterned breathing exercises and time plane imagery.

Candle meditations simply occur while staring into a candle flame until time and space becomes meaningless. This point of awareness reflects no thought forms being created outside of the moment. Deep belly breathing for ten minute cycles will also achieve the same result where your focus is completely on the breath. Future time plane imagery is the third option where bright spiritual moments are seen in a virtual reality scape sometime in the near future. You picture the changes and abilities you expect to see in yourself and cast them into a probability scene where you emerge into that higher conscious awareness.

The portals leading into the 5th dimension are marked by clusters of light that to me resemble large chandeliers because the light clusters suspend into the 12th harmonic of the astral plane. I merely chase the light cluster and I am on the other side. Some light beings get blinded by the level of this light and momentarily hesitate to move on. The first three or four harmonics in the 5th dimension are filled with grid patterns that surround the Earth and vortex heads that occur frequently within the grid patterns. This is a primary spiritual dharma point for many light workers. They maintenance the grids and join with other light beings to create a wide variety of consciousness streams into the astral plane. Light workers also maintenance vortex integrity problems due to the mass chaos currently on the astral plane.

Just above these grids and vortex heads is the realm of Archangels and Ascended Masters who frequently host symposiums on spiritual advancement. This is a broad spectrum of seven harmonics that also includes virtual reality suites created by holographic magicians from the Andromeda Galaxy. When we receive insights from these symposiums we frequently access the holographic suites to test certain parts of our ego and our mental and emotional discipline. Then there is a thin ribbon of one to two harmonics dealing with the portals to the 6th dimension.

These portal entries are far more complex because access is limited by light body frequency requirements. In other words you have to vibe at a certain level to access this particular plane as this is the time plane dimension. The past time planes go back some 100,000 years. The future probability planes are by invitation only so know you are taking a left turn once you figure out the portal entry point. These portals are mirror mazes which have numerous turns and you can be in them all night long. This movement is a privilege earned through strong spiritual efforts towards conscious realization. The concept is to achieve this and never have to ask or pay for a reader to tell you about your past lives.

The 7th dimension portals where ascension actually takes place are the most complicated portals of all. The entire concept of not being able to leave until you know where the door is comes from the nature of these portals. The Elohim goddesses wait to greet you as they are now in charge of the current ascension wave. However, getting though these portals is a difficult as finding them. The time planes harmonics end at the 9th harmonic so there are three complete harmonics dedicated to ascension portals. That is like having the entire continent of Australia to travel through. To say that ascension takes a while is an understatement.

Lord Himalaya created these portals 100,000 years ago. His take on it was for all ascension devotees to climb a 20,000 ft peak creating base camps as they made their way up the mountain. Then the portals would merely demand a short levitation action into a great light. Unless you have climbed a 14,000 ft peak in this life it is hard to understand the metaphysical approach. The base camps start at 8,000 feet and you progress through heavy forests and rock formations. Achieving a 1,000 foot move in a couple of months is somewhat normal.

You can’t see these portals as they exist in a higher dimensional vibration which you must match in meditations at 20,000 feet. You are a pure breatharian at this juncture and almost stumble upon these holographic entries. The vibratory sensitivity needed at this level starts now on this Earth. The merging dimensions offer us increased sensitivity towards the energy fields of others, nature spirits and the presence of Ascended Masters and Archangels. As this sensitivity grows, our clairvoyant ability increases and we are made aware of visual images of guides and angels.

We carry these sensitivities into our dream states and eventually our ascension effort. The more sensitive you are to varying vibrations, the easier the movements through all the dimensional portals. Energy work by a light worker is a major advantage. The more alkaline the body, the more sensitive you are to differing vibratory levels. The infamous Rainbow Bridge exists where your twelve chakra light body fully integrates with your twelve chakra Merkabah. The bridge is created to bring you to your ascension home.
Namaste Peter

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