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Saint Germaine ~ A Call To Action

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Posted By Suzanne Maresca On 7-12-14

St. Germain Channelled By Linda Dillon

Our guest this past week on Heavenly Blessings was the ever-popular and straightforward Saint Germaine. He makes it quite clear that we have the power to bring about the changes we seek, so we're posting an excerpt from the show in the hope that it might be distributed far and wide, to enlist as many people as possible into a brilliant collective empowerment exercise.

Saint Germaine ~ I AM asking you to step forward in action. I AM also asking you to use the violet flame daily. Why are you not torching the heck out of those who resist you? This is a human revolution in its most fundamental meaning. It is not an evolution, it is a quantum leap. It is a jump. It is a shift of such magnitude that has never been known before. What is it you can do this and every day, whether it is what you think of as minute or global that begins to shift into Terra Gaia, into Nova Earth?

Maybe it is the food you eat. Maybe it is the way you serve your neighbors and send your neighborhood energy, or your state or your province or your nation. Maybe it is choosing to work with a credit union or a community bank. Maybe it is beginning to build community. Maybe it is choosing to take the leap, first into sacred union with yourself and then with others . And you say, “Well, I haven't met anyone!” Well dearheart, have you entered into sacred union with your plants? with your stones? with your crystals? with the trees? with the sidewalk? with the air? with the sky? with the water?

There is so much. When you change the air and water and remember I have taught you take my violet flame to write love in the air, write love in the water ~ and then send it out. I speak this day to humanity and I call out to the collective. You are very good at using what you think of as human tools, but the human tools are the Violet Flame, and the Blue Flame of Michael, and the Mother’s gift of clarity, and Gabrielle’s bubbles of joy.

At another point in the show, Saint Germaine poses the question of why there hasn’t been a huge influx of what we think of as ‘capital and currency’. “There are many reasons, most to do with the human hatred, but also it is you walking in trust and building that trust, and being the most inventive of beings throughout the galaxy, on trust.”

He reminds us that we are creating right now with a lot of trust and love and commitment and service, because we know it's better to be the voice, even in the wilderness, than no voice at all. That trust is rewarded with gold and elixirs and jewels, but the true treasure chest is the joy. It is that absolute knowing when we get up in the morning, even when we're exhausted that we're on track and doing what we came here to do.

Saint Germaine asks us to look at what has been accomplished as a result of our choosing not merely to endure and to say “I choose not only to trust but to be happy, not as a reaction to events or circumstance, but because joy and happiness is my birthright. Freedom cannot be taken from me whether I live, die, starve or am obese. It cannot be taken from me.”

The ripple effect of our work in this way is enormous, significant, tangible, measurable.

For those of you reading who don't feel comfortable with an instruction to use the etheric tools available to us, write in using the Contact Us link with any questions you have in that regard.

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