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2015 Energy Report

Channelled By Dana Mrkich On 1-9-15

            This is by far the most complex energy report I have written in the 8 years of writing them.  In previous years it has been much easier to tune in to our overall collective energy. The wave of ‘awake souls’ were all going through similar processes, the ‘old reality society’ was trucking along relatively predictably, while the elite was trying to hold onto its power structure wherever it felt vulnerable.

            Now however when sitting down to write this, instead of feeling the energy of very distinct groups, I get the vision of billions of ants on a timeline along with the corresponding billions of vibrations!  Some are moving forward with purpose, carrying supplies on their backs, very clear on what they need to do next. Others are stuck in a traffic jam, not able to go back, but not yet knowing quite how to move forward or in some cases it is simply not yet time. Some are moving back and forth between realities, spending time in the new, dropping back into the old, then recharging in the new again.
Others are reclining in a hammock over the bridge (will talk about the bridge later on in this report), feeling retired from worker bee/light ‘worker’ life, ready for what their new retirement phase brings them. Much like the life of any worker, the retirement phase for many of you in this category will be busier in a good way if you want that, more restful and flowing, more fun and fulfilling than your preceding years. 

            With time being what it is these days (accelerated and increasingly irrelevant), you may find yourself resonating with one of the above groups one minute, and then thrust into another the next. As I always say, our evolutionary journey is a spiral not a straight line. This concept seems to be on fast forward right now. So your pathway may feel more like a dizzy rollercoaster as you go higher and deeper, higher and deeper, faster and faster! 

            That said – see, it’s a complex and contradictory report! – it is getting easier to cruise along in neutral, feeling centred, taking a philosophical approach to whatever is going on around us and within us. It is emotionally exhausting to flip from high high’s to low low’s constantly, and so I highly encourage you to shift to your centre as often as possible, especially when it all feels a bit much.

 You can do this by:
-          Focusing on your breath, deeply inhaling and exhaling
-          Spending a few minutes in meditation, just closing your eyes and letting thoughts go
-          Consciously moving up the scale of emotions along the lines of the Abraham Hicks teachings.

            That is, if you feel angry, change your focus to ask yourself what is it you are so passionate about that is triggering you? If you feel yourself focusing on what you are lacking, think of something in your life that you appreciate. With energetic and emotional sensitivity at an all-time high, and increasing daily, you will feel your current vibrational GPS location more acutely.

            When you are thinking and acting in alignment with your heart and soul, you will feel greater clarity, increased calm, more joy, deeper appreciation and gratitude – regardless of external circumstances. Life takes on a magical feel, with synchronicities and responses to your divine requests happening rapidly. Even in the moments where you feel sad, when aligned you will also feel the immense presence of love within you and all around you, supporting you forward.

When your thoughts and actions are going against the grain of your heart and soul, instead of feeling love amidst any sadness, you tend to more feel the unbearable separation of loss.  Any heart heaviness feels extra suffocating. The body tenses up, adrenals go into overdrive, physical health issues manifest and stress levels skyrocket.

Our acute sensitivity is one reason why many people are finding these times extremely difficult on a physical body and emotional level. Once upon a time we could get away with thinking sabotaging thoughts. Well, on a soul level we weren’t really getting away with anything, but physically and emotionally our thoughts didn’t catch up with us at the speed with which they are now. We could (kind of) get away with a job or relationship that wasn’t right for us. Now, we no longer have that indulgence.

Our evolutionary impulse is to grow. We are all like beacons set to a timer that has gone off, alerting our energy that it is grow time. Anything not in alignment with who we really are, will come up for transformation or release, you can count on it. It used to come up in a subtle way, and the process once upon a time took years (lifetimes even). Now, it is direct, in your face, and when we insist on not paying attention or ignoring the signs to evolve, the process will be downright painful because sometimes that is the only thing that will get our attention!

Many of you have released and released until it feels there can surely be nothing left. And when it comes to the past, yes you may have released the bulk of it in which case congratulations! You may even have graduated from the Karmic wheel, woohoo! Yet, our souls are calling for nothing less than absolute impeccability, authenticity and integrity in this new cycle. Our souls are calling now for the embodiment, in the physical, of our highest truth, knowing and consciousness. How are your thoughts in each moment of every day? How are your actions? Are you following through with your soul’s inner nudges when it comes to your daily goings on? These days, when you are in alignment with your soul nothing feels better. And these days, when you are out of alignment nothing feels worse. 

The good thing about these new energies is: it is easier to be in alignment than out of it. Good feelings and thoughts are natural to our soul, and the more access we have to this higher frequency energy that is now available to us in this new cycle, the more naturally we gravitate to BEING who we really are. Look at the responses to recent events like the Sydney Lindt Café hostage situation*, and the Paris cartoonists murders*.

 In the wake of each of these events, it created a grassroots uprising of positive intention with the respective #illridewithyou and #jesuischarlie tags. Where years ago the primary response would have been anger, as well as fear, the primary responses with these events have been a desire for unity, connection and peace.  What a telling confirmation of where the mainstream collective is at now, compared to five or ten years ago. 

*Yes I know that much of what we are seeing now are false flag events orchestrated by TPTB. There is plenty of info out there if you want to read about things from that angle in more detail. While I provide social commentary on certain events and issues as I am passionate about the truth coming out, my primary job is to focus on things from an energetic perspective. It is what most naturally flows through me when I write. I welcome comments and discussion however if you have information to share as people can only benefit from having access to all the angles involved at this critical time.

Evolutionary Cycle Overview

           We have emerged from a very challenging yet deeply consciousness-expanding two year period, with 2013-14 feeling to have been a transition point between two major transitional periods.
            Evolutionary cycles are cycles within cycles within cycles, each marking significant transformational and turning points for planets, for life, for growth, for the Energy Collective of which we are all a part. One of the most recent cycles within a cycle was the 25 year period starting from Harmonic Convergence 16-17 August 1987, through to 21 December 2012. 

Multiple wisdom traditions and prophecies including the Tibetan Kalachakra, the Mayan and Aztec Calendars, and the Cherokee Calendar Wheel, all calculated periods of time that converged on 16-17 August 1987. 

All spoke of a 25 year period from that date, seen as a Purification, Transitional or Crossroads Time between ‘Worlds’, culminating at the end of 2012. They all used their own words and language, yet all foresaw a new ‘world’ emerging after this time.

         Take a moment to think about the profoundness of this for a moment. Different people from different cultures from different time periods, were all pointing to the same period of time hundreds, in some cases thousands of years into their future. All of them shared a similar message about what this time would mean for Earth and all beings living on her. 

A Mayan elder explained to us that ‘new world’ in the context of the prophecies refers to ‘new cycle’.  Cycles and transitional times generally don’t start or end with a bang, (although there are many collectively-generated global/community meditations and events created to honour these important dates) – and if we look for naturally occurring monumental events on those specific days as proof that a new cycle has started or finished, we will likely be disappointed. The dates mark gateways and doorways, ushering in new energies and opportunities, leaving behind the old.

We are living in the midst of the great shift right now, and we don’t often realise how profoundly reality is changing when we are in the middle of change. It is only in hindsight that we say “Oh wow, look at how everything has changed!”  

More people are awake now seeking to remember who they are and live how they came here to live. More like-minds are gathering online and in the streets, dismantling the old and standing up for truth, peace, equality and fairness. This is creating momentum, and we are creating a new reality here on Earth for future generations.  

This is not to say that a monumental event won’t happen at some point. Too many of us can feel something big up ahead for it not to happen. However, no-one can say what it is for sure, and no-one can give a date. 

I think the biggest global perspective shift will come when we know we are not alone in this universe. While that perspective shift has happened already for millions around the world, there is still this inner knowing that the ‘big thing’ we all came here to be a part of hasn’t quite unfolded yet.

We don’t need to wait for any big event in order to create change – we can view it as an added bonus that may come along to give us a big powerful booster shot of evolutionary assistance. In the meantime we are continually receiving plenty of mini booster shots in the form of solar flares, incoming high frequency energy and astrological formations which I and other writers cover regularly. 

         The  time of 16-17 August 1987 through to 21 December 2012, marked a period of time during which many ‘First Wave’ and ‘Second Wave’ starseeds/souls (as named by Dolores Cannon among others) experienced their awakening, and/or remembered ‘Phase 1’ of their purpose which for many has predominantly been about:

-          Helping awaken as many as possible ‘by a certain time’
-          Assisting people to get over the bridge ‘by a certain time’
(Many of us received the above inner knowings, even before consciously realising what the bridge was, where it was going to or from, or when the ‘certain time’ actually was!)
-          Raising the vibration here, whether simply by your presence and natural day to day energetic offering, or by being actively called into a healing/service-oriented role
-          Grounding the incoming high frequency energy that was coming in increasing amounts during this 25 year time period. Acting kind of like receiving rods for the light
-          Helping others understand what was going on when it started to become obvious ‘something ’ was going on.

         During this time period, many ‘Third Wave’ starseeds/souls were able to be born, ready to step into leadership roles for our emerging New World.  They have arrived knowing who they are, and quite rightly, will not take direction from an outdated system. They are here to show us a new way of living and being, and have come armed with practical knowledge, skills and talents.

            The end of 2012 came and went without a bang, leaving many feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Yet around us personally and globally the signs were everywhere that things were shifting, and that people were awakening. From the higher perspective, things were and are on track. From a human perspective, it felt like things couldn’t have been going more slowly!


The past two years feel a lot easier to understand from the perspective of Now, with 2015 ushering in a completely new energy.

For those who had the set mission to ‘get as many people as possible over the bridge’ it feels like we now have greater access to the other side of that bridge and you may find yourself wanting to spend more time on this side, as opposed to hanging out bridge side.

For some, hanging out on the bridge is no longer an option. Being connected to the bridge as we were, we were able to tap into dual realities: the denser 3D and the higher 5D.  Initially this was okay, however the more that time went on, the harder it was to maintain that connection with the denser reality. Our bodies increasingly reacted with physical symptoms whenever we veered too much into old reality paradigms, thoughts and actions. Yet, it wasn’t yet time to completely let go and jump with all our bodies into a new paradigm.

2013-14 was a strange in limbo void time in many ways, for many of us in the above category. Our old contracts were over, expiring at the end of 2012. However our new paths were not fully ready yet. It was kind of like having our nose pressed up against the glass of the new reality, while behind us the bridge’s conveyor belt kept moving, bunching up a multitude of old issues that we thought had long ago ceased to be relevant for us.

I wrote about the process of being ‘squeezified and juicified’ a year ago. This is how this time has felt, refining us and refining us, clearing out any last remnants of old ways of being prior to our shift into a new phase.  You may have felt yourself regressing with issues from 10-15 years ago, or that corresponded to a time during or prior to your initial awakening. 

The message coming through is that during the 1987-2012 cycle, once we had dealt with many of our personal issues, we were allowed to spend the remainder of that cycle primarily helping others. So for many years up until 2012 you may have felt “Woohoo, I’ve graduated, my job is just now to help others and wait for the new reality to roll along!”

However what happened is post 2012 we ended up in this strange ‘transition’ time, where the expiring old reality was bumping up against the emerging new one – with us feeling a tad squashed in between. As we bunkered down among the folds of time squashing up around us, we were confronted by remnants of every issue we had ever had. As hard as this was to endure, it ensured that once we finally popped out the other side – as we have now – we would emerge as clean and clear as possible without old baggage.

            For some people, the energy of 2015 feels like we are being shot like rockets into completely new territory, moving further in just a few days than it feels we have moved in the past two years!

For those who have felt their noses nudged up against the glass wall of a new reality, something most definitely changed when we stepped across into January 1 2015. It feels like suddenly we have greater access to a new field. 

Picture a gigantic meadow that we can’t see the end of. Potential is limitless here, our connection to our higher consciousness is greater and more clear here. We feel lighter here. It is really hard to think old thoughts here. It feels foreign to judge people here. Old issues feel like they are irrelevant here.  Old and new dreams suddenly feel more possible here. Connections and synchronicities happen more frequently here. Manifesting with your thoughts and energy is the norm here.
If you are yet to experience this new field, you will soon. It is here and available.  It is not so much what we need to do to open up to it, it is more that we need to stop doing what we do that closes us off from it! Old negative thoughts, worries and doubts take us out of our centre and eject us from this higher vibration. Focusing on your breath, focusing on what you appreciate and doing what you love with those you love gets your mind out of the way, helping you to ‘let in’ this field that is already all around you and within you.

Where delays and procrastination have seemed the name of the game for all too long, the last few days of 2014 had a strong 'hurry up and clean house' energy on every level. I found myself re-organising rooms, putting things in storage, and cleaning like crazy! Others have reported feeling the need to shed and let go of old attachments and other manifestations of old energy once and for all in those last days. 

Now, on one hand this is normal for the lead up to NYE. What felt different however was the push behind the releasing, and that was this massively increased READINESS for the new. Actually, readiness aside, it is more like a timer went off and after some years of feeling a kind of in limbo energy we were all told that it was finally GREEN GO TIME!

As we know, clearing out the old - whether physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically - creates space for the new, and sure enough with January 1 came new clarity, new energy, and a new forward momentum around who we really are, what we came here to do, and what we want to create at this time in our lives. This has come by way of intuitive nudges, clear visions, external messages, and inspired action steps that are piece by piece guiding the way forward. This push forward will continue all year, and if it hasn't started yet for you then say: "I am ready to move forward, show me the way." 

‘Push’ feels like the wrong word to use, because the experience feels much more organic and flowing than the masculine-style of ‘push’ we are used to. We are being pushed along as a river pushes along a leaf, being taken to where we need to go, and encountering synchronicities when we need them. Our guidance will come from the heart, and we will feel compelled to live with authenticity and integrity to a greater degree than ever before. 

The thing with this year though is we have to actually step forward. We need to take action when guided. We need to follow through when we get that strong feeling to start doing this, or stop doing that. It is time to show up for our selves, for our dreams, and for the reality we are here to create.

The clarity we are receiving isn't coming in the form of a detailed manual explaining your purpose  It is coming by way of those inner nudges and external reminders that are repeating strong messages to us on a daily basis.

Some of you feel more crappy than happy in this New Year. I want to talk about that because when one is feeling low, happiness and all this talk about 'forward momentum' can make you feel even lower, isolated and questioning what is 'wrong' with you.

It takes a lot of courage to feel ones feelings, and to express them. Nothing is wrong with having feelings, no matter what they are. Feelings are messengers. We can talk to them, and receive guidance from them. Journal with Doubting Dave, Sad Sarah, or Unmotivated Uma. You will surprise yourself with what comes through. 

Many sensitive, awake people are so attuned on an inner level to energy that it is easy to feel down more than up at times. Feelings are felt more acutely - not just ours, but those of the collective. We are also finely tuned to what our reality on a higher dimension is like, and so anything involving a lower density - fears, doubts, worries, feeling not good enough etc - is absolutely suffocating.

 Especially now. Especially as we enter more and more higher vibrational energy here on Earth. 
Remember the downs will feel denser and denser, while the ups will feel lighter and lighter. I am not one to discount anyone’s feelings, you are entitled to feel what you feel. 

However, be discerning and know that our soul priority right now is on our alignment. Our soul’s natural energy is of a higher, not lower, vibration, and so this tells us that our natural tendency is to feel good rather than not. If you are feeling not good more than good, pay attention to what is going on within you or around you. 

Think of it this way: we are allergic now to that which is toxic for us. This means we are being called to change many of our lifestyle habits from what we view on television, what we browse online, what we eat and drink, who we associate with, and what we do with our days. We are similarly allergic to old thought patterns. They can literally make us sick – emotionally and physically.

Are you genuinely needing to feel/express a lower vibrational emotion? If so, try to find a healthy outlet for it. Journal. Artwork it out. See a healing practitioner if it is ongoing/regular. Or are you stuck in an emotional habit, feeling the energy of the collective, or feeling someone’s energy you picked up at work or at the store that day? It sounds like a cliche, but I highly recommend starting either a daily Happiness Jar or Gratitude Journal. It gets you on the 'upswing' at least once every 24 hours, rather than sinking in the down. 

Just know everyone has their moments, and I try to honestly share about the downs as well as the ups yet I will keep on urging you – as I am urged by upstairs – to keep your vibrations high this year.  We have not had a year like this yet.  We have access to a new frequency, and it feels like this is just the beginning of what is a very, very wide field of new consciousness. Manifesting will happen faster so again, it is imperative that you pay attention to your thoughts!

We will see more false flag events as the old elite attempt to keep us dumbed-down, distracted and in fear, yet the heartening thing is: it isn’t working. People are waking up, they are seeing information online or having it come to them, hearts are opening and the masses aren’t quite so quick to believe something just because it comes from the media or government – actually it’s quite the opposite! 

The truth is being revealed and while they are doing all they can to keep covering it, a momentum among humanity is rocking and rolling. PLEASE keep focusing on that. Continue to have hope and faith in your brothers and sisters on this planet that those who are yet to awaken will, and that those who are awake are doing all they can – even simply by our presence and awareness as a minimum - to ensure humanity live with freedom and empowerment, as every being is entitled to by divine law. We did not come here this time to have this story repeat itself for another cycle! 


             On a quick numerological note, 2015 sees us enter a Number 8 year. Interestingly enough, the Chinese Year of the Goat/Ram/Sheep starting Feb 19 is also associated with the number 8, being the 8th sign in the Chinese wheel. 

            An 8 year is associated with prosperity, success, power and good fortune. Yet it comes with the caveat: be careful what you ask for, you just might get it! If we have learned anything from the past it is this: power used without consciousness can result in destruction. We have also learned that consciousness without action can feel physically frustrating. Now is the time for us to combine our consciousness with action, and our action with consciousness. 

It is time to get clear with ourselves as to what defines wealth and success for us personally? It used to be that people would instantly think of material things, and there is nothing wrong with the material, but ensure that you build any physical wealth on a foundation that is emotionally and spiritually wealthy and healthy for you. Ensure your true soul priorities are met - vibrant health, a happy family and/or great friends, a loving relationship, a peaceful society.....add to the list!
Keep on trucking this year, we are all in this together!

Love Dana x

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