Thursday, January 29, 2015

The World We’re Building

Lots of good galactic background on why we never had WWIII and who we can thank for that...DT the ET

Prior to the great voyages of exploration, the best known of which was Christopher Columbus’s, himself an incarnation of St. Germaine, Europeans plied trade routes to China and elsewhere to secure the goods they’d come to prize.

Spices, silks, precious gems and metals poured into Europe along such great trade routes as the Silk Road or by ship from Africa and Asia.

After Columbus, the European nations actually took to colonizing what they regarded as “virgin lands,” ignoring the claim of the indigenous populations to the territory they alone had inhabited until that time.

European ventures now became not merely for trade but for conquest and colonization.
The change in intention became mirrored in ships, moving from merchant vessels to single marauding pirate ships to battle fleets, from a few guns on deck to rows of guns on several decks, from wooden ships to iron ships, etc.

Newly-militarizing nations justified the creation of battle fleets on defensive grounds, but soon used them for offensive ends. The dominant ideology became “dominate and avoid being dominated.”

The great empires of Europe developed and expanded until they dominated the world. When the United States steamed the U.S.S. Maine into Havana harbor and blew it up in a false-flag operation, America also entered the age of empires.

They took Spanish outposts in the Pacific away from them, ending the imperial ambitions of the nation that had started the colonial push in the first place with Columbus’s expedition.

Soon nations vied with each other to win world power. Two world wars resulted, with a third planned, which was ultimately thwarted, not by the policemen of the world, but by the policemen of the galaxy – and beyond. (1)

The survival of the fittest, in which the weakest went to the wall, is and was simply a borrowing from the animal world to address the greed for gold and lust for power of a privileged class. All that has only led to this – the complete collapse of a world order based on these demeaning and demoralizing principles.

As we survey the ruins of the imperial age, we’re determined to build anew but not on the same lines of “conquer or be conquered.”

What’s the new basis for this work? It’s to create a family of nations, a cooperative commonwealth, in a world that works for everyone.

It isn’t to create one world government composed of the same secret regimes that profited from war and destruction, intending to eliminate the “useless eaters” from the world.

It isn’t to even old scores or revenge old insults.

It’s to put behind us dominate and avoid being dominated, conquer or be conquered and open up a global ethic based on love and compassion.

We’re witnessing the rise now of a world order based on the recognition of our unity as integral creations and parts of God. We are all of us brothers and sisters in God and all other divisions are non-essential add-ons to the Divine Plan.

Yes, the division into genders has been mandated to mirror the first division into Father/Mother God. It mirrors the way God created this illusory world and is thus a stepping stone in our ultimate realization of the One.

It’s still illusory and impermanent but at least it plays a role in assisting us to achieve the purpose of life – which is to realize our identity as God.

The multiplication of divisions into classes, nations, and religions, etc., play little or no role in assisting us to realize the Divine Plan and now are rapidly falling. They won’t survive into the New Age.

No, we won’t see the world plunged into chaos, as some believe. We’ll see the architects of chaos plunged into chaos, a managed and surgical chaos designed to loosen their grip on the very “world power” they so eagerly sought.

Future political leaders will be servants, not masters, of the universe. Future financial leaders will be stewards of the Mother’s wealth, not robber barons and captains of industry.

The rest of us are disgorging all the vasanas, core issues and false grids we created or imbibed as we attempted to survive and have a happy, satisfying life in an age of conquest and control.

And mapping out the contours of the new world we’re creating, a world in which the only wall the weakest will go to is a wall of what Kathleen called “lovingkindness, caring and sharing.”  (2) This is the world we’re building.
(2) Kathleen Willis, “The Universal Law of Intent, the 2nd Chakra, the 2nd Dimension, Compassion & Humility,” Jan. 25, 2015, at

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