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Higher Self: Quantum Excitement – A Detailed Update On The Energies

Direct from the Ten Forward bulletin-board: this is what's going on right Now with Earth's energies...DT the ET

Channelled By April Bender On 1-25-15

As the Solstice Fires of Ascension (crystalline energies) continue to pervade every dimensional level of existence connected to and throughout your world, much of the foundational quanta or energy particles that make up these fields of existence have over these last few weeks, become more and more excited.

As a result, these quantum particles are popping, morphing, and/or reconfiguring themselves into yet a new field of heightened potential and expression.

This quantum ‘excitement’ is occurring due to the following reasons/catalysts: the rapid influx of crystalline energies now entering your world, the imprinting work of the Masters on/in this energy, ongoing individual shifts into higher or unity consciousness, the collective’s overall slow but steady shift in awareness, consciousness shifts taking place in other worlds connected to yours, and the inherent programming/activations stemming from the Galactic Central Sun.

Therefore, many interlocking fields within fields or standing waves, that make up the most basic foundations of life/consciousness on your world and/or that are connected to your world, are yet again experiencing a massive shift/upgrade.

If you have not noticed already, this process is cyclical and moves in accordance with the spiral of evolution and the organic rhythms of earth herself as reflected in the movement of the stars, tides, and seasons. Each pass through, creating a heightened experience/foundation for the next; growing in intensity and potency until the moment of culmination.

The current upgrade, which began in earnest at the Winter Solstice, while pervasive and ongoing, can already be seen, felt, and/or experienced to some degree in the following domains:
  • Individual Fields and Their Subtle Bodies
  • Earth’s Ley-grid System
  • Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life
  • The Four Elements
  • The Seven Rays/Flames of Creation
  • Experience of Time/Space
  • Our Relationships with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms
  • Our Human-to-Human Interactions
Let us take a brief look at each so that others may recognize these signs and their monumental implications.

Individual Fields and Their Subtle Bodies

As we’ve already discussed this area quite exhaustively in recent discussions, we won’t spend a lot of time on it today. But suffice to say that many many changes of rebirth and expansion are taking place within individual fields and their subtle bodies as a result of this higher activation and magnetization. Some are simply further along than others.

Higher chakras are coming online, merkahbic vehicles activated and utilized; cellular, DNA and neurological change processes are happening much more rapidly; inter-dimensional travel is taking place more frequently, and the further purification and refinement of one’s body-mind-spirit is leading to greater utilization and opening of spiritual gifts/insight – not to mention that the sheer size of such individual fields are expanding exponentially outwards as more and more souls begin and/or conclude, the Soul Retrieval and Reclamation Process in order to reclaim their FULL AUTHENTIC DIVINE SELVES and begin to more fully utilize and integrate the new crystalline energies.

The Earth’s Ley-Grid System and The Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life

As these aspects are technically now one and the same, we shall discuss them as one colossal higher framework. Spoken of in great length last Spring, the Higher Collective Mind is now almost fully functional and IS very much aware of itself. That, in essence, is what is making it possible for Masters such as yourself to access certain areas of time/space, and/or ‘inner space’, that were previously unavailable to you, including reconnecting with your ancestors and soul/star families, among other things.

You are now serving as luminous nodal points of light/information along and within this Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life, and as such serve as a nexus point of profound co-creation and connection. You ARE the beacons of unity consciousness and all that is energetically bound up within that phrase.

This status, is obviously connected to your new-found ability to ‘impress’ upon the new crystalline substance or strata now pervading earth and the synthesis and activation of accumulated light codes within your vessels fields. And it is also because of your position that you will be more sensitive to the undulations happening across and within this Higher Collective Mind/Web.

For as you monitor such undulations, you become a better informed co-creator/impressor; and on a deeper level you will know which light codes and/or ‘rays of creation’ to emanate or express outwards along the mind/web to continue to enliven, lift, and nurture it.

While the former collective mind still exists, it is no longer energetically fed as it once was. It is a dying, decaying structure that some still try in vain to infuse with life, to no lasting avail.

It is this framework that is front and center to the waking consciousness of the bulk of humanity; but more and more are turning their vision inward and upward towards the new higher framework (or perhaps components of it to start), as they can no longer bear to watch the old implode and need to find something hopeful, instead of fearful, in which to motivate and re-inspire them.

This is and will be the slowest part of the transformation process. But due to varying perceptions, personal beliefs, attitudes, soul ages, and make-up, it must be done this way.

However, as already stated, all processes have now entered a period of rapid momentum or up-shifting, where the miraculous is not only possible but probable, if the Masters are able to hold their critical positions along and within the Higher Collective Mind/Web.

This section obviously also entails your partnership with Mother Earth/Gaia and all of the changes and undulations that she is experiencing as well. Just as individual fields/subtle bodies will experience rapid change processes on every level, as well as the Collective Higher Mind, so will dear Mother Earth/Gaia, along with her new ley-grid network.

For truly, all are interwoven and mirror the other’s process. And in studying this reflection and/or interplay between them, one can begin to forecast, or become in-tune with, these Gaiac undulations. It’s also important to note here that ALL planets in our local solar system are going through similar changes as well.

The Four Elements

I’d like to begin this section with a general caveat, and that is that while we’ve been speaking of all these changes happening at very foundational, structural levels of existence/creation, they are still not going to be concretely measurable in the physical – yet. This is because all of these changes are happening on the etheric and/or quantum levels of existence – or ‘pre-matter’, or manifestation, phase.

Having said that, those Masters or practitioners who find themselves working frequently with elemental energies have probably noticed a subtle difference with their energetic make-ups or textures. For instance, water may feel or seem somewhat lighter, softer, more fluid and intelligent in a sense – more easily manipulated.

This is partly because the core essences of earth, air, fire and water themselves are becoming excited, and are subtly beginning to morph/restructure/refine themselves within the new energetic conditions. This is also in part due to the expansion of individual and collective awareness as well.

One could reasonably argue that the elements are not changing, and instead it is only the awakened ones’ perception, or ‘veil’ that is lifting. However, I can assure you that they are changing, at a very foundational level, and it is because the overall field of consciousness on earth is changing.

The Seven Rays/Flames of Creation

On another very core level of creation exists the seven Rays, probably most notably explained in the theosophical tradition by H.P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, the seven Rays of Planetary Creation are just that. Meaning, various mixtures of the Rays are imbued in every facet of creation. Each ray has its own color, quality, and chakra affiliation, as well as balanced and imbalanced effects (see article at link for further info:

An entire blog could be dedicated to this topic alone. In fact, there are actually 12 Cosmic Rays in total, but today we will briefly cover the seven Planetary Rays/Flames, as these are the ones that you have the most direct moment-to-moment access to – for now.

Ray 1 – Red – The energy of Will, Power, Purpose and/or Will of Deity
Ray 2 – Blue – The energy of Love, Wisdom, and Compassion
Ray 3 – Yellow – The energy of Active Intelligence and Form-Building
Ray 4 – Green – The energy of Harmony and Beauty
Ray 5 – Orange – The energy of Concrete Knowledge or Science
Ray 6 – Indigo – The energy of Devotion, Spirituality, Idealism
Ray 7 – Violet – The energy of Ceremonial Order and Magic, Freedom, Alchemy

As every aspect of creation is now in an energetic state of excitement, so too are the seven Rays (as well as the full 12) beginning to refine and reconfigure themselves to better suit the needs of earth and our local area of creation’s new energetic landscape.

First reported here,, the Seven Rays as newly-configured (albeit still morphing) are now fully accessible and available for Master utilization.

I would encourage all light-workers, not just Masters, to become familiar with the Rays and to use them frequently in the support and enrichment of your Collective Higher Mind duties, as well as your personal healing, ascension, and ‘impression’ work. Simply picture the needed rays as a flame, and engulf or imbue the environment, your body, or your impression with it.

Experiences of Time/Space

As has been reported throughout this grand ascension cycle, instances of space/time disorientation will continue to increase for many. Experiences of time speeding up or slowing down will soon give way to more and more experiences of ‘no-time’ or of ALL times existing simultaneously within the present moment.

This has been the source of, and will continue to cause, episodes of dissonance within individuals, depending upon their level of awareness/development. And this is why the big push or ‘seeding’ in the mainstream of practices like mindfulness and centering meditation are happening right now. The ascending collective will very much need to utilize these most basic tools if they are going to make the leap from one frequency to the next.

However, as Masters such as yourself acclimate to more and more moments of ‘no-time’, they will eventually learn to utilize their inherent gifts in those moments such as bilocation, teleportation, and time-travel.

So even though these experiences can be jarring to one’s system, it’s important to be gentle with yourself, understand what is going on, and do not worry or panic. Simply try and go with it. You aren’t back-sliding or going crazy, you are simply acclimating.

Also try and be patient with others who really don’t understand what is going on at all and who may lash out in random ways as they try to make sense of it all.

Our Relationships with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms

Again, consciousness is rising; the energetic conditions on earth are changing drastically and there is no local area of creation that will stand untouched.

Those of you who work closely with the plant and animal kingdoms are likely noticing a change within these forms of consciousness as well. They too are expanding, shifting, refining, and acclimating. As a result, animals may seem more lovey, ouchy, or clingy than normal; or just plain exhibiting odd behavior (much like humans) as their senses become overwhelmed by the level of change that is surrounding them on so many different levels.

Both plants and animals may also seem more aware and easier to communicate with than usual, as unity consciousness continues to rise across the planet and your local system.

Human to Human Interactions

As usual, these interactions will be a mixed bag for you. Individual souls vary greatly in soul constitution and therefore will vary greatly in response to the catalytic and transformative energies now pervading earth.

However, just because you note seemingly-discouraging responses and behaviors, try and understand that that does not mean shifts are not taking place. In fact, these are quite normal responses and signs of the dissonance we spoke of earlier.

Therefore, they ARE being affected, triggered, and stimulated to evolve and break through old patterning and limiting constructs. It’s just that for some, they have to hit bottom or ‘crash’ within their set belief systems before finally breaking free of illusion-based conditioning.

Many have also recently begun deeper purification processes, as they begin to cut out toxic chemicals and thoughts from their bodies and minds to make room for the new information/expanded awareness.

There are indeed a vast new number of souls, just from this last year’s cycle of revelation and energetic influx, that are now on the right track, or much further down the road than they were. We constantly stand in awe of this rippling effect, and if you could but only see it, you wouldn’t be discouraged at all with the collective’s progress. Instead, you would be astounded.

You are a front-runner, and as such you knew you’d be awakening much much earlier than the rest of the population. It has been challenging to say the least, but do know that now, in the midst of these rising Solstice Fires of Ascension, that you will very soon be lifted in visibility and more widely looked to for knowledge concerning the changes that are and will soon be sweeping the planet.

So dust off those old writings, projects, and research papers that never really went anywhere and be prepared to share them with the world. For the world will finally be ready to embrace them. The same will hold true for many spiritual Masters and Warriors of Light.

Our next discussion will go into much greater detail about the higher-visibility roles that you and others will soon be asked to step into. As with all cycles and seasons it is once more time to be seen, but in an even greater capacity than you have yet been asked to serve in. This will be a natural progression of your nodal point roles/positions within the Higher Collective Mind so stay tuned. In some ways, you are already seeing glimpses or seeds of this.

In the meantime, continue utilizing, exploring, and impressing upon the new energies, as there are many hidden gifts yet to be found, shared, and co-created. Use the seven Rays to help heal toxic environments, imbalances, and to add additional oompfh behind your impressing activities.

The tools and resources have been given to you, now make yourself familiar with them. For soon, very soon, you will be called to serve in a much larger way, and these skill-sets will be critical for you in the execution of your newly expanded role.

Until next time…

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