Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Arcturians: The "Your Life As A River" Analogy

Channeled by Paul Marwood On 1-19-15

“Hello dear Paul and Holly, We are the Arcturian’s,
Today the two of you are at geographical location called Inspiration Point, so we would like to offer some inspiration, for as you know there are many races that are here in support of your planet at this time, ourselves included. You also know that we are all here in support of you in so many ways, we are here to bring forth suggestions and advice, teachings, we emanate loving energy to all on the planet.

Some may not feel that they receive this, but the love and the energy is there.

We wish to also encourage you that through all of the changes that have been happening, humanity as a race on this planet is moving forward in the most wondrous of ways. Your progress exceeds many expectations, so from our point of view you have a very large audience around you and above you in the skies, and we are all clapping and celebrating. Because as you make progress in your ascension process, and your conscious evolution to a greater connection to your divine presence and the love that connects and emanates through all of the universe, so you affect everything else.

We wish to point out that though you may view us as being above you in some sort of hierarchy, that’s not really the case. From our perspective we are all part of a greater consciousness that exists in this universe, the consciousness that exists at many levels, the higher dimensional levels and the lower dimensional levels, and all sub levels in between. So judge yourself not because you as humanity are moving forward in great strides.

We wish to share a little bit more information about an analogy, an image, which while it may seem simple, is also quite encompassing. We share this with you because we find that in providing simpler examples, it allows the greater audience to clearly understand the message and it’s in that clarity of understanding that progress is more easily made.

This analogy we wish to talk about today is a very large river, and as you know a large river will start at a very humble place, for example high up in the mountains. And there may be many streams that appear, and if you look at this as an example as an aspect of one’s life and these small streams are different aspects of, what is happening, who we are as people, for we each have aspects of ourselves.

And they merge together to something that is larger, you could call it a small tributary, and as you notice this flow of water is always flowing, it’s flowing down towards a destination, do you think the water worries about the next bend, do you think the water stops and goes, “Oh No there is a rock in my way!” No the water flows and flows on, and whenever there is an obstacle, it just simply flows around that obstacle and continues on its journey.

And as part of that we wish to encourage you as you meet your challenges, for in this case you could be this tributary at this point, and as you come across a challenge in your life which could be this rock, just like the water, you allow your self to be open and you allow yourself to flow around the challenge, you open yourself up to solution energy and solutions, and you simply flow around what ever it is that may be appearing in front of you.

Remember that there is always a solution to any problem that exists, and as you continue to flow down towards the river, there maybe points where the river descends at a greater rate and the flow increases, think of this as an aspect of your life where you’ve learnt certain lessons and you choose to moved to a better place, for you like the river are forever changing. And as this water accelerates it’s like you accelerating on your journey, moving closer and closer, more rapidly to your end goal destination.

And then there may be times where the water moves to a big open pool like area, and the water slows right down. But! It still flows towards the end goal, the end destination. It may feel a little stagnant at the time relative to the high speed of the water earlier on, but it is nonetheless still flowing to its destination.

So when you find yourself in this place where you may feel a little stuck, or life is just stagnating somewhat, think of that as a time where you can just allow yourself some rest, recuperation, review of yourself and the various aspects of your life, and then before you know it you’ll be back in the flow again. With the added knowledge of what you had the moment to review and learn, while you were in that semi-stagnant pool.

And then you continue flowing forth towards the ocean, and in this analogy we also like to encourage you that, no matter where you are in your journey, if you take a step back and review the river in its entirety, you will see that while the river meanders one way and finds that it may be slightly off course, it then meanders back and then continues on its course to the ocean. While there may be some winding on the journey it’s still nonetheless ultimately makes its way to the ocean and achieves its end goal.

So from this perspective when you look at your life, there may be these deviations, and for some of us you may look at that deviation as incorrect, bad, wrong, whatever it may be, while in actual fact it’s not. It’s simply just a minor detour and as you notice this, the path simply comes back on track again and then you continue on your way.

So we always encourage you that there is no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it simply is just a part of the journey of the river, or the part of you on your life journey.

We hope this analogy has assisted you in taking a more natural, flowing, generous perspective of yourself in your life and your life path, and we encourage you when in difficult moments, to take a moment to review your life in this manner, to add more ease and simply allow yourself to flow a little bit better.

We love you immensely; we are the Arcturian’s
© 2015 Copyright Paul Marwood    @

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