Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rama Khan - The End Of This Year (2015) Will Bring A Totally Different World

Rama Khan and Ashira Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Aramda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given to our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)

“Rama Khan”
I am Rama Khan. And as introduced, I am in the service of Lord Archangel Michael. In service to bring truth. In service to bring love. But also in service to bring strength for that is what is required upon the planet at the moment. And you would wonder why these actions and activities continue to take place. And yes, the dogs are going to herald my arrival. We let them sing our praise, which is in all humility, please know. (The two Huskies in the house “sing” their welcome for several minutes). As you listen to these dogs, do you notice that their cry is different than what you normally hear in this group? This is a different energy I bring.

I am one of those who are “boots on the ground” from this other side which is working with you so closely. It is difficult for those of you in the human form to continue to strive to walk both sides of the road, to be of spiritual hope and planning. To live in these environments in this moment, in this room, and yet to move into the world and to put up protective barriers that the world may not affect you.

Each week we know that this group has received great news, great guidance, great information and great downloads to assist you in your growth and evolution. I was sent today to share with you some of the insight about what is happening. So, these activities that you would call “false flags” but we know from our perspective that these are like children throwing tantrums. What they are trying to accomplish is that they are trying to keep the fear and confusion levels at high status, at high awareness for all.

Because they continue to gather their power even though it has waned considerably, they continue to “suck” the power from the fear and confusion on the planet. The more fear and confusion they can continue to keep “stirred” up the more they continue to benefit from it.

It would be like an animal in its last dying breaths, trying very, very hard and with great difficulty to get back on its feet and expending energy to do that. Let us say, imagine (this is not exactly the way it works) that there is a great machine that sucks in fear and anger and confusion those emotions you would call negative emotions.

 It sucks those in and it maintains those in a great tank and then those who have been in power, note, I say “have been”, take sips from this machine to strengthen their bodies and their will. And while at one time this was successful for them, it was part of the energies that kept them strong, with the tide that is sweeping across the planet that is no longer the truth. Still they attempt to keep people in fear and confusion and anger, in separateness, through the media that spews out these stories.

As the time for awakening has been here, more and more the people on the planet DO NOT believe these any longer. And while you may think from your observation that the mass people, the mass public around the planet still seem to be blind to this we will tell you that is not the truth. Through so many different tools, even if people do not understand the scope as you have had it presented to you and as you dig for the truth, they do understand that something is VERY different, something is VERY wrong with the status quo.

What we continue to do is to support the activities of those who are working in the Light Forces, working for the good. What we would ask of you is that whenever you are in a moment of confusion about a story, a truth, a question posed to you, anything that you see on the screen of the world activities, withdraw. Take your energy inside that spot within your own being where heaven exists. Go the peaceful part of you. Arguing with others is not beneficial for everyone is awakening in their own time.

Another part of the work I am involved with is to assist. Assist those from Hollow Earth, Inner Earth, places that you know of and places you do not know of and the sanctuaries upon this planet. Every time an activity is discussed by those we are overcoming, they think they have secrecy and privacy and that is not the truth. Because with all of their knowledge, all of their skills, all of their “advanced” understanding they do not take into consideration the strength of those who are serving Lord Archangel Michael. For WE have ears and eyes in all places. And we have been given more and more permission to be involved in this process.

Taking forth today, then we ask that you do not move into fear or confusion, for that feeds this machine that they continue to suck from. The more that those upon the planet can stay out of argumentative responses, hateful responses, fearful responses and stay centered and Be instead in love, the less power they will know.

Know that this Divine Plan that is at work is well underway and that all of those things you recognized in your discussion today are signs of advancement, are going to be tripling and quadrupling and have exponential growth over the days, weeks and months to come. For indeed, at the end of THIS year this world will be a totally different place to live upon and you will have that grace and peace that you, yourselves are leading the forces with.

Be at peace my brothers and sisters. Be at peace those who hear these words and read these words. Be at peace for THAT is your strongest weapon! It will suck the energy from those who are still striving for their last breaths upon the fear of this planet. That is your greatest weapon, peace and love.

I will leave you with this today. It has been my pleasure to join this group and be invited to speak today. And know that we, the Light Forces on all sides of this planet and all sides of the dimensions bless you and thank you for the work that you do. That work is in being in your heart, being in your creative visualizations and having the KNOWLEDGE not the faith but the knowledge that is passing now. Thank you.

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