Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Greetings! From The Light Collective


 Channelled Via Eliza Ayers On 1-20-15

We come to you today to greet each of you with expressions of love and support for you and your journey upon this planet.

As many of you are aware, the transition into the refined energies that were supposed to manifest for Humanity in 2012, have finally managed to anchor upon the Earth. If you felt that your ascension process had been on hold for a few years since then, it was to allow more members of the human collective to wake up and consciously assert their desire for change and to be change.

We realize that you live in some of the most challenging of times worldwide for humanity. The physical, mental and emotional stressors can be intense, if you allow change to work upon you from the outside.

As you are also waking up to the fact that you contain a highly creative and resilient force within, called Love, you can also work with the trans-formative energies in a fully conscious and powerful manner. It is your choice and most likely one that you made before coming into embodiment.

Whatever your choice is, wherever you are upon your journey, whether buried beneath fear and despair or living in bliss and expansion, we honor you for your courage to be here now.

We work with most of you during your hours of sleep. The information shared mostly likely does not reach your waking consciousness, yet through listening within, responding to nudges and hunches and intuitive messages, you align with the essence of that which is given.

We are what you would express as higher essences or aspects of your own being. In truth, there is no higher or lower as all is reflective of Source, as Above, so Below; as Within, so Without.

If in doubt of your personal worth, let us gently remind you that EACH one of you, whether manifesting as an agent of darkness, one of the Light or neutral, you ALL have a purpose for being here.

The opportunity to incarnate upon this particular planet has been limited. Many souls are vying for positions here. You who ARE here most often do not appreciate the fact that you not only CHOSE to be here, but were also chosen, selected out of a great multitude of applicants.

It is a great honor and blessing to experience consciousness while in physical form, especially one that is currently in the process of being rewired and upgraded into a new and more resilient model.
As the frequency of the planet expands and rises, the quality of the individuals allowed to incarnate here will change.

Now that the Light is finally in ascendancy, the babies being born upon Earth will embody more of their soul-given gifts and exist from their first moments within a higher consciousness level than most adults currently incarnated will ever reach without great effort within this embodiment.

Given the natural rise in creativity, inborn wisdom and grace within these new beings, you perhaps begin to see the possibilities for healing and transformation to truly affect great change among the peoples, cultures and institutions existing upon the planet. Some of you who read these words may experience these wonderful changes for yourself; many will not.

As the frequencies rise, so too will the numbers of individuals choosing to depart this world, through death, disease, accident, violence and natural disasters. There is no judgment directed towards those who leave, as each one is soul-driven towards their own level of experience and understanding. In time, all will be together once more… well into your future, from whence we come.

In the Now moment exists All That Is. We live in this moment where time and space do not affect our decisions or alter our ability to guide, mentor and support those of you who grant us permission to do so. We honor your free will as given by Creator.

We bid you to travel at night to visit our ships and our level of consciousness, for the expansion of your self-knowledge and expansion of your ability to adapt to the rapid acceleration of change that is occurring upon your world.

We honor your right to choose consciously the direction that you intend to pursue in the Now moment. Listen within and hear the still quiet voice of intuition for guidance and seek affirmation by listening to your body’s subtle messages.

Wisdom cannot be found by listening to the television or news reports, as they are currently highly slanted by corporate and governmental interests that are not in alignment with the good of the people. Turn off the noise, tune in to your own heart beat and feel the wisdom that exists there within your own heart.

Understand that while other people can assist you on your journey, it is up to YOU to take responsibility for its direction. As you embody mastery, the responsibility entailed with the increase of power also increases. Yet, becoming and embodying the mastery that already exists within can be done by releasing the profound fear that is a part of the unconsciousness of most light workers.

You have lived before and are now currently carrying within your bodies all the Akashic records of those events and memories of your destruction at the hands of individuals aligned with and utilizing the power of darkness to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the people.

Unconsciously, most lightworkers are suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress syndrome and shy away from any prompting by their inner being to expose their thoughts and feelings to the world… mostly out of fear of the repetition of past events and experiences.

The memory of past trauma is carried within the finer bodies from lifetime to lifetime. If you choose not to work on releasing and acknowledging these dark parts of your emotional and mental bodies, you will continue to retain the patterns and will eventually be compelled to deal with them in a future lifetime.

Many of you have given power to the dark by being in fear of what will be exposed for the world to see if you reveal and release what has been hidden. We assure you that there is NOTHING to fear, yet moving through this process will release and expose the fear to the harsh light of day… to the sunshine of your Christ Consciousness.

Chose courage… to experience, to transform, to let go, to move through all that is no longer in resonance with your present expansive consciousness. You are transmuting the ancient records of violence, blood and fear that have kept humanity in a prison of its own making. Step free, into the Light of your own Christ Consciousness and see the world as it is, a place full of possibilities and opportunities to utilize your God-given gifts and creativity.

The energies are supportive of those who chose in this moment to go forward and rise up in frequency, more rapidly than has been humanly possible for many a long year. Take this opportunity as one who has been granted leave to be here to demonstrate the ability to move into mastery, to live with love and compassion for all life and to be all that they can be, with dignity, grace and ease.
We leave you now and send your way many blessings. Call upon us when in need. We are only a breath away.

Thank you, beloved Light Collective.

If you wish to read this message in its original form, please visit: Elizabeth Ayers Blue Dragon Journal
© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

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