Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Double Dip From The Council: Ascension Accelerates Now

The Council
To continue from where we left off in our last message, we will speak to the subject of what you are calling ascension. We offer, as we have before through this channel and others, that it might be more properly called descension. In other words, you are not becoming your higher selves so much as your higher selves are preparing you to be able to handle it as they incarnate more of themselves into you. With apologies to Dr. Seuss again, you will become you-er than you.

Much of the discomfort that you have been experiencing is due to the fact that your physical being simply could not have survived this in the state that it was just a short time ago. You have no understanding of the effect that the taking on of such frequency would have had on you. Even now, you will have some rather challenging times ahead, although we shall be as careful as we can not to overload your nervous systems.

We often hear you say, “bring it on” or “I’m ready”. Let us say that there are those who are experiencing the beginnings of their increased consciousness and its effect upon them and are having a bit of a struggle at times, hoping they are not going crazy. We can almost promise you that there are those around you now who dare not tell you some of what they are dealing with. We tell you this, not so that you will be wary of what awaits you, but so that you will be prepared for possibilities that you have not considered or have no frame of reference for.

These things really are, in the context of what we are talking about, not important, other than to have you be a bit prepared. What is important is that you come to understand, and finally to know, that you are indeed the very embodiment of the divine being that is the spark of the One that is also at one with the light of your Source.

Now, we hear thoughts and feelings of “that is not new” and “I already know that”. Understand that your intellect is talking. When we say know, we mean it as in “I know I am alive.” Do you feel, when you say that, how different it is from intellectual understanding?

This is where you are heading. This is what this time is all about. Some of you will go one way to get there, and others will go other ways. That is as it should be. There is no reason, nor is it even desirable, for everyone to ride the same bus. You exist so that The One can experience all of it.

As we said before, enjoy the ride.

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