Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Profound Exhale Of Creation


Update From Sandra Walter On 1-15-15

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

sandra walter ascension gateway shasta
Elementals spinning in my Gateway structures on Shasta
The final merging of the grounded Earth grid systems, the crystalline grid, and the 5D/6D New Earth  grid systems – which are a much more flexible, less static system – was completed on January 12. Some of you may have received the nod from your Higher-level teams or directly from the SUN itself confirming this alignment.

On Tuesday afternoon I was meditating the SUN, connecting with the SUN's core, when a huge surge of golden light shot forth into my energy fields and knocked me backward with a sudden overwhelming YES. I went into the laugh-cry of gratitude, continued my meditation, and that evening I was guided to spend the night on the mountain. I grabbed my Arctic sleeping bag and headed up. It was an icy, clear night with the usual lightship traffic, including that massive golden lightship which a few of you have experienced. Downloads flickered like speedy filmstrips, and I spent most of the next day in bed integrating.

2012 was the end of pillar work, 2013 released us from the work of transmuting for the collective, and earlier this month we completed the necessary gateway work to fuse the 4D grounded and 5D grid systems of Gaia via the crystalline grid. Beloved Shasta serves as a storehouse for ancient templates from various civilizations.

The I AM templates, Violet flame/Germain templates, Native templates, Pleiadian/Lemurian templates, Sirian templates, Arcturian templates. Venusian templates, Golden Race DNA templates, and a host of other well-intentioned holographic guidelines for this moment, this Shift, this Ascension were deeply encoded, some wrapped in metaphor and hidden in the etheric realms of Shasta for safekeeping.

Beneath Shasta was a giant etheric crystal geometry. Metatron called it the Crystal of Om a few years ago. This crystalline ball of geometry may have been interpreted as a solar light within the mountain in the past. Gateway structures operate the same as the body vehicle, planets, solar light, galaxies and Universes - they are tube torus energy fields with a central chamber which links them to the Higher dimensions. Linking the tube torus of the heart center with the torus energy fields of the body vehicle, Higher Self, and Higher dimensional expressions of Self is one of the goals of the Ascension process. Everything is linked through the heart center, which contains a pure connection to Source, and the levels radiate out from this core point as dimensional expressions, like Russian nesting dolls.

Shasta has a massive energy field. Earlier this month the crystal sphere which holds a unique technology of shifting geometry (it adjusts to currents of cosmic consciousness) rose up the central chamber of the torus and fully activated the templates which are in alignment with our current phase of ascension. As it lifted it raised the templates into activation and is now beaming forth those codes and DNA sequences making them readily available to all who choose to engage with them via the crystalline grid dimensional interface.

The merging of the gates around Mount Shasta began on the 11-11-2013. Gateways - the actual structures, not the windows of dates given to interact with them - work with the same delivery system of the infinite structure of the tube torus. For years it was the Gatekeeper’s work to open these, because there had to be grounded consent to this activity, and it also gave the Higher levels a monitoring system for where our collective level of consciousness was, and how willing we were to participate in the process.

This is why Gatekeepers called forth accelerations in the highest interests of all concerned. Some Gatekeepers heard the energy fields as they approached them, and some saw them. Regardless, the work included an alignment of energy fields through the heart center in order for those gateways to amplify. The key to the gates is in the heart alignment. Always.

Now that the grounded work of alignment and activation is complete, the waves of cosmic energy are now released more frequently, more consistently, and with a greater intensity. It is an act of grace that our Higher levels have been able to filter these energies up to this point. Now that our level of consciousness, our collective agreement, has consciously opened these pathways between the Higher and lower levels of Gaia, our experiences will become more profound, more creative, and align with a true state of Creator consciousness. I AM sure many of you are experiencing a new level of freedom, sovereignty, and deep resonation which reverberates through all levels, layers, and dimensional expressions of you.

While our Higher Teams may continue to provide dates of amplification - passages where leveling up is much easier – the grounded experience of calling forth and holding open gateways during photonic waves becomes an at–will practice. Personally, it has been revealing to provide the Cosmic weather report on when flares and cosmic waves would provide amplification. In my personal journey, I AM choosing to focus on Ascension Path for the moment as well as bringing in the prophetic and profound metaphors of our present journey. Delicious expansion in alignment with the True Self. Aho.

A Note to Gatekeepers

The fascinating and somewhat exhausting practice of Gatekeeping takes on a new level. Some will move on to holding space for others to experience 5D/6D heavenly realms and beyond. Some may teach alignment, some may serve as interdimensional escorts (excited to explore that one), some may move on to the multidimensional merge which my Divine Team is currently referring to as the Royal We. Not my favorite term during all of this I AM business, however they assure me they mean the same thing.

Things are so lucid now; awake, dreaming, meditating, activating, integrating, work, play, light, dark, all ONE. Dreams are hilarious and purposeful. I AM greeted by Melchizedek who appears in a (very stylish) suit at a meeting of architects. My guides show up as Police officers, blaming the recent tech glitches on that Vulcan who testified last week.

The big Gold lightship is a metaphoric projection for the Solar Cosmic Christ, to guide my awareness to the risen Krysthl (which is why I received the Yes! before seeing it and the templates rising that evening). Things are lovely, creative, sleepy, briiliant, simple and complex at once. Somehow we manage to understand through the heart and keep up. At last we are out of the mind game and into the much more playful, deep dreams of Source.

The merging of grid systems provides constant opportunities to everyone for engaging with the Higher realms in a direct, clear way. As always alignment is key; if your heart torus is not aligned with pure intention and your Higher levels, your experience in these chambers of light will spin you off-center. This is what we mean when we say someone is spun out; their torus energy fields are getting warped by lesser intentions/lower energy structures (either their own, or something else's) so they spin off-center.

The Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Series

As our alignment with Zero Point becomes more acute, as parts of our brain awaken to interpret the multidimensional Self, and as we call forth Golden Race DNA, Christed DNA, Divine HUman DNA (whatever your consciousness allows), our experience grows more profound, more unfamiliar, and more calm and centered than ever before.

We have two windows this year which complete the series of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse passages:

Equinox March 20 - Blood Moon Eclipse April 4 (15 days)

Equinox September 23 - Blood Moon Eclipse September 28 (5 days)

These act like a sieve for cosmic energies becoming more and more focused in their delivery.
Understand that timespace is an energy contained in tube torus structures. The resonation of your own torus fields expands and accelerates to match a Higher spin of our collective experience of time. Density burns off as we heat up/spin faster; the collective is free to experience a faster rate of time, and for those resonating through the heart center, you will experience profound stillness as you align with all aspects of your True Self. In the stillness of center, you move your personal energy fields to align with the highest possible experience available.

This is what the Equinox through Blood Moon passages provide for us, just like the Gateway passages of 2012 through 2014, only it is a much more precise activity. Availability of higher choices.

 It is highly complementary to anyone on the path of Mastery, Solar Cosmic Christ, and Alchemy to align with your own true center and navigate your experiences from the heart.

In pure moments of alignment, your DNA, brain, pineal, and awareness will experience tremendous expansion.

A Word on the Multidimensional Merge

As portions of the brain activate, they awaken in a neighborhood of cells that have been working from a lower level construct for a very long time. As you call forth and command new neural pathways within the brain to operate in a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you may experience moments of blank-slate or blank stare, as if you just stepped out for a moment. The crystalline structures activating within the brain and the activation of the long-dormant areas of the brain will be steering your activity, thoughts, and energy fields to align with the Higher Self.

Understanding that the Higher Self operates from a much more pliable state of timespace, the brain begins to attune the consciousness to a new Higher state of beingness. This is why the psychological fallout from the Shift was such a concern, because if older parts of the brain attempt to control new parts of the brain which are activating, there can be considerable conflict in a person's consciousness. This is why surrender and alignment have been so important as these structures activate. If you are experimenting with simultaneously merging with your 6D - 9D Selves, pace yourself. Remember to align your heart and energy fields as they expand outward so that you align with True aspects of your Divine Self.

The same applies to third/forth eye journeys; remember not to steer the vision with the mind. Stay aligned with the heart, ask your Higher Self, Christed Self, Higher teams to show you the truth continually as the visions present. I understand how vivid these journeys and experiences are becoming. Be sure to balance these experiences with integration. It may be helpful to light-ground in creative ways that are private and unique to you.

Even though I AM a Wayshower, I AM happy to see the more presentational and anxiety-trigger forms of guidance and spirituality dissolving this year. All is evolving to suit the demands of the high-vibe collective. I weep with joy and gratitude often at the developments in our expansion. So much, so fast, so brilliant! I Love You. Thank You all for this Divine co-creation.

In Love, Light, and Service,
Note: There will not be a video version of this message. 

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