Monday, January 12, 2015

Hilarion: There Is A Quiet Revolution Of Consciousness Occurring


Channelled Via Marlene Swetlishoff On 1-11-15

Beloved Ones,
Upon the world there is a quiet revolution of consciousness occurring. As each heart opens to the greater energy influx, they begin to recall their divine connections to each other.

They begin to go within to sit in silence and solitude, and ponder the true state of their being. They take the time necessary to understand that the world they are living on is rapidly changing, and they are questioning why that should be.

They seek to find the answers to their many questions, and turn to the internet where they have the opportunity to try many key words that act as portals to volumes of information, which instantly unfolds before them in the vast library of collective knowledge.

They are seeking answers to what life is really all about, to the existence of spirit; and as they do so they are discovering information that opens up an entire new reality for them. They discern that which rings true within their own heart and soul.

It is an uncomfortable discovery, in many ways, for they now begin to understand that each person upon the planet is responsible for their own choices and actions in each moment, that their soul is held accountable for all their deeds during their entire lifetime, and that the world they thought was real was just an illusion projected by forces outside themselves.

From this awareness comes awakening and the desire to know where they stand in the eternal scheme of things. This awareness opens exciting new pathways, and they discover new possibilities for their lives.

As their hearts open to new possibilities, they see that it only requires their attention, intention, and diligence. Their horizon is expanded in many ways, and they begin to explore new potentials for their lives, in new thoughts, and in new actions that they can take to make their life better than before.

They look at the people in their lives through a new perception. They see that it is in their relationships with others that they can learn more about their own character; that what they see in the people around them that they like and admire is a quality they themselves embody.

And that which they don’t like in someone’s character is also a part of their own character. They begin to have a more compassionate attitude towards themselves and others, and see that every encounter with another helps to broaden their understanding of life and love, and helps them to see more of who they are as individuals.

They choose to be more loving and accepting of themselves and the people in their sphere of influence, and accept the world as it is. They now understand that their personal world is a result of their thoughts and that they can change their thoughts to more loving ones, and by doing so create a life and a world that is lovely to experience.

They begin to trust in a higher power that has always been at work in their individual lives; the universal power of love which guides them always and stands the test of time; and through this, their life takes on greater meaning and purpose.

As they allow themselves to feel and experience the love that bathes them and everyone upon their planet, they realize that nothing can ever harm or have a negative effect on them unless they themselves allow fear to enter.

By keeping an open heart and mind, and by trusting in the healing power of love to transform their lives, they experience more joy and happiness in all facets of it. By trusting in their heart’s truth and their own intuitive perceptions, they draw to them all that is necessary to create that which is their hearts desire, and a greater peace and clarity will manifest into their everyday lives.

There is a natural divine order that exists within all creation, and everyone’s life is always held in perfect equilibrium. Every experience that a person goes through is a lesson in love and wisdom that serves a deeper purpose than a person can know at the time they experience it.

Everyone has the ability to mentally and emotionally rise above all that they encounter in life and transcend it. The present tests in life that each person is experiencing in these times, as individuals and as a collective, call for more and greater compassion, tolerance, patience, and gentleness.

These qualities are a sign of maturity and strength of character. It is possible to resolve situations in a loving way, which creates a positive outcome for all concerned. At the heart of all matter, only love exists.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

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