Friday, January 23, 2015

Jack The Watcher - The Fires of Purification-Transforming Anger and Fear

Channelled By Jean Rockefeller On 1-23-15

In the Beginning of this Month, Gaia received a massive influx of energy and for the past few weeks, Her inhabitants have been re-adjusting to this energy infusion. The area of the body that was most affected was the root chakra. Anger and fear related to survival are the pervasive energies.

By now, the assimilation of this energy burst has begun to matriculate up into the body and you may now be experiencing unusual physical and emotional symptoms. The physical symptoms will most likely be short lived and idiopathic in nature (meaning with unknown cause and origin). Unusual physical and emotional conditions may have appeared as early as last October and can be expected to continue until mid February. Long ago forgotten and deeply buried physical traumas and the emotions that are coupled to these memories, are now being provided an outlet for release and healing.

Mercury is now retrograde, which means all directions point inward. During these times, our attention is directed toward our internal fires which are crying out to be fanned. Purification at an unprecedented level is now possible.

Use the next few weeks productively. Focus your attention on patterning and behaviors that no longer serve your well-being. These energies are ripe for release but may require focused thought energy to spur healing.

Physically, any of the following may be experienced:

* Temporary lameness as well as bone and joint pain.

* Digestive system disorders. More specifically; the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines will be most affected. "Stomach flu" falls into this category.

The "Flu" will continue to spread as this is an efficient means of purification and transformation for both Gaia and Her inhabitants.

Understand that your animals may also be affected by these energies. If affected emotionally, they will elicit unusual anger and fear responses. Physically, they may experience any of the aforementioned symptoms.

During the next few weeks we will experience an undulating current of energy both on the surface and below. I am referring to your physical body, your environment and Gaia. Refrain from getting caught in the current, instead ride the wave and allow healing to occur.

2015 will bring new growth for us All and over the next few months we will be clearing away the dead wood to allow the new saplings to take root and grow. The established canopy is now beginning to decay and fall away as new growth is finally entering the forest.

Many Abundant Blessings and Love,
Jack, The Watcher

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