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The Arcturians: The Game of Life -- Beta Through Delta Brainwaves

The Arcturians continue with their Ascension Crash Course on being multi-dimensional with this latest installment from Suzanne. IMHO this whole series of teachings on brainwaves and consciousness is the best, most current insight into what's really happening to humanity, right Now, on planet earth/TerraGaia...DT the ET

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On1-25-15

The Game of Life 

(Link To Video HERE)
Your earth vessel is an energy field that resonates to the frequency of your environment. YOU are the consciousness that resonates to and enlivens the earth vessel that YOU are wearing. Your earth vessel allows you to login to the video game of “3D Earth.”

Your avatar self plays this 3D video game, but YOU are the consciousness that has decided to attach to an earth vessel so that you can play the “3D Earth Game.” However, you have heard that this 3D Earth Game is being upgraded to a new level called “Multidimensional Earth Game.”

In this video game you need to successfully complete one level of the game before you can proceed into a higher level. You have heard that the Multidimensional Earth Game is much more enjoyable.

Hence, you are very excited to finish up the final levels of the 3D Earth Game and move on the next level of the game of life

You read the add for the next level which says, “The Multidimensional Earth Game is a game of perception and consciousness in which your consciousness directs your perceptions. Then, your perceptions set that state of consciousness to hold you within that level of the game.

“What is occurring in your life greatly affects what happens in the game. For example, if you are among loving friends and family, see loving faces, hear enjoyable conversations, and feel love and unity, your consciousness expands into alpha wave consciousness.

“With alpha wave consciousness you can log into the fun, creative level of the game.

“Progressively, if you are with a group of like-minded, spiritual friends with whom you have a deep, unified meditation or other creative activity, your consciousness can expand into theta wave consciousness.

“Theta consciousness places you in the advanced portion of the game in which you get to experience traveling into higher dimensional worlds and realties. This part of the game is very special. 

Warning, if you are at a job, or other place that you do not enjoy, and see angry, stressed people, hear complaints and orders and feel anxious and unsupported, your consciousness drops back to the beta wave consciousness of your old “3D Game.”

After having the fun and creative adventures of the alpha level and the inter-dimensional travels of the theta level, the old-fashioned beta version is NO fun at all. In fact, it feels quite depressing.

Now you are angry about being limited to the beta level. You had a long, hard day and want to have some fun in the alpha level or take an inter-dimensional journey in the theta level. In fact, you get so angry about the whole thing that you threw the “Game” across the room.

As it crashes onto the wall, a small piece of paper falls out of the box. You have never seen this piece of paper so you walk over to pick it up to see what it says. What you read is:

“When your attention is focused on something that you love and share it with another, you can move beyond the 3D Earth game and into the level of the Multidimensional Earth Game.”

“Well,” you say in an angry voice, “That is fine for you to write, but maybe you did not have as bad a day as I did!”

However, you really want to play this game, so you call your best friend and talk about your day, the new game you are playing and the weird instructions you found when you threw the game’s plastic box against the wall.

After a fun conversation with lots of laugher and camaraderie, you feel pretty good and decide to log into the game – just for a second. To your surprise you see a message that says,

“Because of your higher state of consciousness you can log into the first level of the Multidimensional Earth Game.”

“Oh what the heck,” you think as you login into the next level, trying to ignore the question of why the game knows more about your consciousness than you do.

You are very happy to play this part of the game as it is much more fun that the previous ones. Moreover, you easily move into the next level.

Once again, a sign comes up on the Game saying,

“To enter the next level you must focus on this meditation for at least 15 minutes.”

You are so enthralled by the fact that somehow this game knows more about you than you do you actually focus on the soft loving words, the lovely pictures of nature and a tone of sound that is completely unfamiliar, but seems to go straight into your heart.

It all feels so good that it is almost as if you leave time. Then, suddenly you awake to find that an hour has passed in what appeared to be a few minutes. You see that the screen now displays the next, and final step of what is obviously the Multidimensional Earth Game.

You happily focus on this portion of the Game, but are surprised to find that you suddenly wake up. It is the next morning and you are late to work. For some reason, the thought of going to that job that you hate is overwhelming.

You still have some “sick days” left, so you decide to call in sick. After making that call, you return to your computer to see the next message,

“Congratulations, you have successfully completed this portion of the Game. Now you can use your day off to get a new job.”

“OK,” you say to your self. “Now this is getting just too weird for me,” as you try to click off the computer. But you try and try again to turn off the computer to no avail.

“This is far too crazy. I must be dreaming,” you say as you pinch your arm to wake up. Suddenly you hear what sounds like a loud yawn behind you. You turn to see yourself stretching your arms wide as you stand up, look at the clock and say,

“Oh NO, I have to hurry. I start my new job today!” 
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