Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jesus and Mary Magdalene: Be True To Love!


Channelled By Ray Dawn On 1-1-15

Hello to you dear ones, it is Magdalena and Jeshua here to speak with each of you!

Now is the time to be ever faithful to your true essence! To be of pure heart and focus on your hearts flow and the true knowingness of love within!

Now is the most powerful time upon your planet in eons and we are all here to support your return to the greatest flow of life-giving essence within each of you.. All of you are again coming into harmony with truth, love and flow of essence..

By this flow of essence, we mean your truest being at the deepest level. This wellspring is connected with All that you are, and with your source flow of the hearts alignment with your eternal soul!

This form you are in is quite magical in it's innate wisdom and gifts of knowledge.. What is natural now is balance, flow, kindness and purity of heart.. What is unnatural is any belief that these things are not attainable or are untrue to our being, whilst in form..

At this time upon your beloved planet earth all is perceived in great challenges of destruction and non-harmony of love... As each of you allow the depth of your heart and your being, the knowingness of your true essence and nature, you begin to awaken from this dream of lack, indifference, unlove and untruth..

Know that each of you have specific challenges in these areas. At this time the most important gift you can give the world is your true alignment to All that you are.. As each of you come online again to the awakened love within, you gain knowledge of all that you are, Oneness! When you see clearly you allow all that is not you to fall away gracefully and effortlessly, free of stress and anxiety!

Dear ones, now is the time to allow all that you are…

As you do this, by being present, coming home to the moment and allowing the flow of essence, your own true being within you, you can relax into your own divine gifts and arrangements and reasons of why you are here at this time..

You can, and only you can, allow your own divine flow, harmony and true essence of being within… This is allowed by relaxation, the full acceptance of our being and by aligning to your own now moment. By trusting yourself as you do this, you can know you are connected to a greater plan. This plan has your back and is ever in your favor, we say this truthfully and yet you must know this in your own heart…

Relax and allow your alignment now and in each moment, come home to love within you..
Dear ones as we awaken to another moment in time, we are one, as we align to true love we are great, we are free and we can flow this eternal love and harmony into this sphere, the sphere of all being..

Know that this is the greatest service to allow love thru you, to allow it to consume you and to allow you to be clear in your heart that all is with you to bring you home to love again!

This plan has been in action for so long dear ones, now is the time to bring it home! To allow love here upon this beloved Earth and to awaken to each moment in true ownership of the love that you are!

Claim it, allow it and be it fully now, as you do you bring all into alignment again with the true harmony of all the spheres..

We are one being and as each of you allow this Is-ness within we complete the cycle and can allow the fun to begin again!

We are here ever grateful to each of you dear souls, we send greatest allowance of love that your hearts can take!

We know that in our deepest heart we are ever free to be all that we are in any form and to enjoy the journey of life, freedom and peace in this realm again! Stay true to your divine mission and open your hearts!

Let the love pour in again and remember, we are One, always!

With love and greatest thanks, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, your family of one heart!
Ray Dawn

Copyright 2015 Ray Dawn -

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