Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Guardian of the New Dispensation, Ashira and One Who Serves: “The Guardians Have Arrived”

Channelled By James McConnell On 1-20-15

“Guardian of the New Dispensation and OWS channeled by James McConnell
Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
(Note: These messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ)

“Guardian of the New Dispensation”
We have arrived here now from many worlds and it is correct that we do not take part in changes that occur on these planets. It is very seldom that you will even hear of we the “Guardians”. But there are times, there are moments when we must present ourselves. We must make it known that we are here now to help this process and to bring about all that needs to be done here.

And we are those “Guardians”. I am the one known as the “Guardian of the New Dispensation”. And it is a new dispensation you are about to open up to. There is nothing at this time that is holding this back but man’s consciousness. That is the only thing that stands in the way of what you would call your freedom. For it is true, you have not been free for a very long time. Those that would hold you down have done all that they can to keep you imprisoned. Keep you at bay. Keep you ministering to their needs. But now it is time to bring the shift. For you bring this shift together with all of those who mentor to you. All are assisting in this shift process.

Know now, this day, this day that begins the New Dawn, the New Dawn of life upon this planet, of true life. Yes it seems like words, words that have little meaning. For how can you see this true life, how can you feel this true life and know it? Unless it is truly here! And I tell you that it is here. It is all around you and within you .

And you are this new life! You are connected to Gaia, herself. And with this connection there can no longer be those things that have continued to hold you, to grasp you and to keep you tied down. But it is time now to release the binds. It is time now to know that you are certainly not alone in this endeavor.

Yes, it is your consciousness that must bring about the changes. But it is your consciousness together with all the consciousnesses of the Universe that are working here. So, when there is all this power, all this might how can those few think they can hold this off? But in their stubbornness, in their desire to not lose everything they have known they continue to grasp and hold on for dear life. But they know that they must release now. They have been told. And we the “Guardians” are not the ones who have told them but they know with our coming, their time is short now.

If you wish to see and know of our coming, look to the skies in these days and weeks ahead. You will see those glimpses of us as the light shines down through the clouds from the sun and you see the different colors and know we are here. When you feel, at night, that sense of power and awe, you will know we are here.

We are not to do it for you but we are here to participate with you. The time has come and the time is NOW. Reach back within yourselves, my dear ones, reach back within yourselves and find that little bit of strength that you still hold within you and let that strength come forth together, share it with those around you. And you will pass the light on in this way.

Do not be afraid any longer. For wherever there is the need, we will be there with you as well as all of those who mentor to you. You only need to trust now, trust and knowing that the times have come and the New Dawn approaches.

I am the “Guardian of the New Dispensation”. I am here now with those of my brethren to assist you. Be at peace and love and harmony with all you come in contact with.

Hello. I am “Ashira”. It is my pleasure to be here with you again today. And yes, we bring a lesson for you from the experience of last week that will continue today. It was intentional that the one known as “Rama Khan” came to you last week. He was brought to you that you might have a learning opportunity. An opportunity to see within your own belief systems. An opportunity to look at what parameters you place on what is true and what is not. An opportunity to look at fiction and that which is called fiction.

We have been with Susan this week encouraging her last Monday morning after the session, encouraging her to do the research and bring it forth. And who is to say what is fabled? Who is to say what is fiction? Would not many people that you know think that you are delving deeply into fictitious characters when you listen to those such as Ashtar and Adama? If someone would look up those names on your computer systems would they not come forth as seeming fictitious for those who are not awake or aware of these beings?

The channeling of messages has gone on for centuries. The remembering of heaven in beautiful music that you hear. Those composers have tuned into the heavenly music and bring it to this planet. Sometimes it is memories of past lives or of that time in-between lives that they have used to bring this music to you.

Think of some of the writers in your time who have brought forth past life memories in magnificent novels produced as fiction to make it more acceptable to the audience. Think of those such as those, such as Tolkien, who has written extensively about “Middle Earth”. And we would share with you today that instead of these battles being fought in “Middle Earth”, think about these as actually being significant and symbolic of the battles between Atlantis and Lemuria. That then those tales were taken into “Middle Earth” ten thousand years ago and that was what Tolkien was channeling.

Think about how the messages come through today. In the movies and in the “Star Trek” series that many of you are fond was channeled work and yet presented as fiction. The graphic novels or comics that are read today, with the “super heroes”, think of these as in past times as Greek, Roman or Norse mythology. And you can tie these to all of those. You can think of “Wonder Woman” as the Goddess Diana or Goddess Artemis, the Huntress Goddess.

This is a shift in perception that we are inviting you to participate in today. This is the reason that “Rama Khan” was invited to this group. It is not a name that you were familiar with. If you do the investigation you will see the description as it is portrayed in the comics, as you call them, think of it as a channeled work.

As you think of the great works throughout history that are channeled works and you give them credit, say those of the holy books, not necessarily the “Holy Bible” because there has been so much that is left out, but other holy books from other civilizations that have brought forth myths, tales and legends. Think of those as their way of talking about and for Ascended Masters and Archangels and the Devic Kingdom.

It opens up a whole new world, does it not, for you? It takes you beyond the realm of the day to day news and media and the parts that you can touch, smell, taste, hear and feel in this third dimensional world. And it opens up a whole new world for you. A whole new way to look at materials being produced. And films being produced.

When those of us who are with you in this way can share with such an open group who is listening to us and accepting of us would we try to trick you in any way? That is not our way! That is not our way.

Think of the movie “Michael”. That movie was channeled to a large degree so that Archangel Michael could get his personality showing through more. He is a playful one, he is! And that was share in that film as well as his strengths.

Think of the movie about St. Francis of Assisi in, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”. That was a channeled piece. There are so many different channeled pieces that are out there massaging and working on the mass consciousness. So that when the truth does unfold it will not be such a shock.

And we think in laughter sometimes about many of those characters that are portrayed in your films and your artwork, in books and graphic novels. They are picking up attributes of those in service to you and wrapping their minds around the plots and stories we wish them to share. This is not a conscious sharing. They do not know they are doing this. But they receive the large whispers as inspiration, as imagination, as images placed in their minds.

That is the value of many of these pieces. That is the value of that which was brought forth last week and that which has been shared with you. We encourage you to see what your Internet says about those of us who come forth to share with you. It will bring you a deeper understanding about how the plot thickens and how we have been involved in so many ways throughout history.

And again, broaden that to the mythologies and the legends. Know that they have had their birth in the heart, mind and spirit of those who brought them forth as stories, as verbal histories and as written histories or in the gamut of the entertainment environment in which you live today. And while there is much that is dark to keep people in fear there is also much about overcoming. Overcoming those who have ruled and having the good guys win!

That is what you can put your faith and heart into. That is our message today. This will give you things to think upon and perhaps give you a different way to look at many of those pieces of literature, movies and other pieces of channeled work in your world helping to bring the consciousness of the whole planet to a different level.
And because it has been working so well to have shared answer with “One Who Serves”, we are going to wait for that time to answer questions for you. Please keep those in mind. And we will address you at the end of the closing of the session.

Bless you. Namaste.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! What do you feel about the shift here that is occurring especially as you worked with the veil as you have done this time? Did anyone experience anything special here that they wish to share?

Comment: Yes, I would. When the “Guardian of the New Dispensation” came in and they were talking to me about having trust in them and in them guiding people to perhaps open up in different ways in the world. Then I saw a very beautiful, large, blue sisterly part coming in, it may have been her aura I saw. That is what I experienced and then they gave me lots of messages.

Yes, wonderful.

(Continued comment): I experienced a lot of holes in the veil that they were poking through. Light started to shine and disseminate. I was told I was a powerful being to just let it happen. To just trust it and believe it. Then I saw the Earth bathed in a brilliant, beautiful blue light. Not dark blue but a brilliant light and I was told it was the Goddess Energy. I personally believe that is coming in. Thank you for asking.

Yes, wonderful. Anyone else wish to share? Did anyone see the Guardians? (many yes) Were they not huge? (yes’s again) Some even larger than this.

Comment: I got that they were connected to Uranus. I am not sure about that.

There is some connection here but it is not only that planet in this solar system but the entire galaxy and galaxies beyond the galaxies here that they are associated with. You must understand that this is what would be called a happening that they are here. They do not show themselves very easily to any particular planet or evolution that is occurring. But there are those moments, and Prime Creator has said that THIS is one of those moments that they must make their appearance and to bring about this change that must be. And this is the thinning completely of the veil.

You will notice here in the times very shortly now that because of this veil being dissipated in this way that there will be much more connection to your Higher Self. You will find this and notice this. Each one here in this room will have this experience so be aware of it. As it occurs, allow it to be and just the one has just said here, trust. As it is coming to you, as messages are coming, as memories are coming whatever it might be, trust. It may be visions, it may be very vivid dreams that you have, trust.

This is our message to you, trust. Trust in all that is coming to you. For you in this group have not been coming here just to socialize. We have been working with you very diligently. Those of us who mentor to you have been working to bring you to a certain point where you can be useful. Not to us but to the entire planet. And that time is coming and you will find that you have been well-prepared in many aspects.

So, get ready, those times are coming. What is your saying, “Good times ahead”.

That is our message here. We will take questions, “Ashira” and we.

Question: I have two twin granddaughters coming on their way. I would like to know if they are part of the Blue Diamond Children that are coming?

(Ashira) Yes, I will address this. What I would share with you is that these two are not necessarily the “Blue Diamond Children” because those children are coming to parents who are very aware and awakened. Such as those in this room may be or other offspring of your’s may be. This particular family is not yet at the point where they would be ready to receive the messages that the Blue Diamond Children will be giving.

They actually have experiences prior to even the fertilization process with those parents. It is a sacred contract and it is an empowered contract. These children will come in with feet on the ground immediately to get to work and have their energies widespread.

That is not to make you feel sad in any way because these children coming in will be wonderful souls that will be working on the planet in the ways they have come to work. We do not want you feel as if these particular twins are part of the Blue Diamond soul group.

Bless you.

Question: I feel that my youngest granddaughter is very special. She loves and protects and takes care of everyone around here. I am watching her make a shift as she is turning seven years old. Do I need to worry about her losing herself as she grows older? Will she lose her compassion?

OWS: As we find it this one is a light, a light coming into the darkness. This one will grow to a point where she will lighten up all of those around her. You are already seeing this, are you not? (Yes) This will continue as she grows older but also know that she will grow up in a different society so the opportunities to advance and move beyond the present personality in terms of the three dimensional aspect, is going to be much greater. You see? As the shift occurs here as well as many other children across the planet will begin to assimilate much faster into the new understandings that are available. You see?

Does this answer your question?

Question: I received a message from Kronos and he shared that he will be delivering a universal message but it is not something we would understand at this time. Do you have some insight about this?

OWS: We can and do wish to share first. This one Kronos is ancient, ancient and has been spoken of in your various mythologies as a giant. Has he not? He is one that is very real, as Ashira has said, all of your stories, your myths, your fables have basis in truth.

This one, Kronos, is a grand master you might say from way beyond this galaxy and has a connection with this planet and has had this connection for some time here going back to the Atlantean times. He is one that is not here directly in a physical body but his consciousness is certainly here with you.

The fact that you have had communication with this one is saying to you who have asked this question that you are ready to experience another level within yourself here.

Does that answer your question?

Question: Peace and blessings to “One Who Serves”. I want to ask about a dream. I was looking for friends in Mexico. We found an open market and we kept looking for building and a room to congregate. We roamed room to room looking for a place to talk. We finally found a suitable one and we could talk a bit. Can you please tell me about this dream?

OWS: As we are finding this, you are experiencing a change within yourself, a major change. And you are going from room to room in your house of consciousness. As you move room to room and searching for something that is seemingly outside of yourself but because it is in your house of consciousness the solution that you are looking for is already within you. You see? Does this make sense to you?

Question: I have been feeling this energy in my feet wherever I go. Whether I am sitting on the couch, on a piece of furniture or having my feet on the ground I feel this energy. Can you tell me what that is?

Ashira: I can address this one. Mother Gaia has been moving through the Ascension process and her vibrations have changed greatly. What you are sensing is this higher dimensional vibration that she is now pulsating with throughout the planet. You are seeing more articles come out about grounding and the benefits of standing on Mother Earth in your bare feet. And this is a time to continue to increase that practice for all people. To be able to utilize that 5th and 6th dimensional energy that Mother Gaia is now highly vibrating in is good for your body, for your mind and for all the other energy bodies that you have. For this is bringing balance and strength.

Part of this that is coming down from the “Guardians” and the Central Sun this is also coming up from Mother Earth and it is her gift to us.

(One Who Serves) responding to a song from a cell phone. That must have been our signal to end here. Would there be anything further here? Then we will release this channel. We believe Ashira has a final message.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Yes. We have had wonderful opportunities to visit with many of you this week. We hope that you felt our energy presence. You may or may not hear us when we whisper in your ear but the time we share there is an energy presence that is mine that I share with each of you. And so, when I am with you during the week, you may feel me softly upon your cheek or embracing you with warmth and love.

In the days ahead and the changes ahead you will continue to experience some physical changes. You will continue to be inspired to make changes in your diet, in your drinks, in those things you take into your body and in those situations in which you expose yourself.

Because these changes continue to take place you will have the urging to have more quiet time, more solitary time. And in this time we invite you to envision yourself wrapping your arms around the entire planet. Bringing more of that harmony into your very being and seeing your heart expand.

Expand to embrace all of your brothers and sisters upon the planet and all Kingdoms upon the planet.
For indeed, we have said to you before, you are Masters. You are Gods and Goddesses. And this expansion of yourself is what you have been encourage to remember today and this one way to utilize it.
Thank you for your time. Thank you for your attention. We are so glad to be with you again. Giving you all of our love and we will be with you again soon. Namaste.

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