Saturday, January 3, 2015

Heavenletter #5152 - The Person In Front Of You

Channelled Via Gloria Wendroff On 1-2-15

God said:
When you are loved by the Creator of the Universe – and I most assuredly do love every which one of you – how then can you be anything less than gracious to everyone you meet? The only way you can be less than gracious is that you forget to be gracious. You forget that I have assigned you as the Welcomer of All in the Universe I created. This isn’t an assignment to take lightly. A Welcomer welcomes. That’s it.

The welcoming does not depend upon superficial impressions. It is not dependent upon your mood. It does not depend upon how much you have to do. It depends upon nothing but your willingness to act on My behalf.

And, so, you are to welcome everyone with good grace and without petulance or grievousness or impatience or haste. Whether you spend one minute or forty-five minutes, you pass on a gracious welcome. What good is a Welcome to the Universe without graciousness? It is no welcome at all.

Impatience isn’t welcoming. Trying to change someone’s ways isn’t welcoming. You are not to welcome anyone by suggesting they enter another door. This isn’t about the one you welcome welcoming you. You are the Welcomer.

You do not have to say Yes to everything, yet you are to be gracious. That’s how it is. Whether you welcome one or a million to the world, you are gracious. You communicate welcome and not correction.

If you think this is difficult to do, then think again and learn to make it easy.

I ask you to uplift everyone before you. If you cannot uplift, then, at the least, you are not to put down anyone I set before you.

I set only treasures before you no matter how the person before you may appear to you. In any case, this position of yours is about you and not anyone else. I hired you in trust, and you are to reflect My trust and fulfill it. In you I trust.

Do you know what is less than graciousness? It is rudeness. Life can be lived very well without rudeness. And what is rudeness but impatience? Life can be lived very well without impatience.

The Welcomers that I hire have to be humble. They are to give service, kindly service, gentle service. It is a child of Mine that you are greeting. Hold gratitude and respect high.

Someone else may get away with overlooking the heart of another, but not you. You are to lift the eyes of another. This is incumbent upon you.

People are not fleas that you are to get away from you and consider disposable. Not one human heart is to be set aside. It does not cost more to be genial than impatient. It is a different energy. You can’t get away with impatience anyway, and, for Heaven’s sakes, why would you deign to choose impatience over geniality in the first place?

There is never an excuse for dismissing anyone as if he were insignificant. The person before you is worth everything to Me. Feeling grumpy is not a reason for you to ignore anyone’s worth. Having a headache is not a reason. There is no reason to forget your manners. Look, whatever you may feel at a particular moment, you can still be of good cheer.

Make living in the world worthwhile for someone else as well as yourself. I’m sure you are not telling Me that I am asking too much of you. I’m sure you’re not. Beloveds, this is the least I ask of you — to be courteous. I would like to point out that the person you are greeting IS yourself.

Heavenletter #5152 The Person in Front of You by Gloria Wendroff, January 2, 2015 at

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