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Brainwaves And Consciousness Part 7: Perception IS Creation

The Arcturians Via Suzanne Lie On 1-23-15

MDbrainwavesIn order to be the Master of your brainwaves, which is to be the Master of your consciousness, you need to remember to “clean up your thoughts and emotions”. As you continue your voyage into higher and higher states of consciousness, you will begin to perceive ALL your thoughts and emotions joined into the living entities of thoughtforms.

Via your third dimensional consciousness, you are unable to perceive these thoughtforms that fill your aura, your home, your car and any place that YOU spend “time”. Just as your dog or cat may leave some of their hair wherever they have been, you leave bits of, or incomplete, thoughtforms wherever you spend your “time”.

We put quotes around the word “time” because when your consciousness is attuned to the fifth dimension and beyond you are in the NOW of “no time”. Then, any thoughtforms that you leave lying around are actually living portals into the higher dimensions. These thoughtforms can only be perceived by your Multidimensional gamma wave consciousness and can only be entered if you can perceive them.

Some of these thoughtforms are perceptible via your delta wave consciousness, but your physical form is usually in deep sleep, in a coma, or under anesthetic during those brainwaves. On the other hand, gamma wave consciousness can occur while in deep meditations that are accompanied by Unconditional Love and deep compassion for all life.

While in this state of consciousness you can have the Ascension experience of perceiving each thoughtform as a portal through which you can journey into a higher dimensional reality. Many of our Away Team, who are aware of their Multidimensional SELF, can open these portals to peak into higher dimensions to expand their consciousness. But as soon as their consciousness drops into a lower frequency, they are instantly back on terra firma.

These trial runs allow you to rehearse for the NOW in which you chose to stay within higher dimensional realities. It is vital that you realize that, just as your consciousness is inside your SELF, these Multidimensional portals are inside your SELF. Furthermore, the journeys you take through these portals are inside of your SELF.

Remember, you are within a 3D hologram that YOU chose to enter. You entered this hologram by moving inside your Multidimensional SELF to bi-locate a portion of your consciousness into the 3D Matrix of a human on 3D Earth. To leave this matrix, you retrace your steps by going inside your self to re-unite with the Multidimensional SELF, who you have always been.

Remember, you did not “come to 3D Earth”. You bi-located a fragment of your consciousness into a third dimensional Earth vessel. The Earth vessel that you are wearing can only perceive the component of your SELF to which your consciousness is calibrated. However, even if your Earth vessel is unaware that YOU are within it, your Multidimensional SELF is fully aware of the “3D you”.

The tail may not be aware that it is a part of the dog, but the dog is aware that it has a tail. This tail unconsciously responds to the dog’s happy emotions by wagging and unhappy emotion by dropping between the dog’s legs. Just as the dog’s tail does not know the dog is influencing it many of our volunteers in 3D forms are unaware that their Higher SELF is influencing them.

Your higher dimensional aspects of SELF live within frequencies of reality in which they function via their/your Multidimensional mind. Your Multidimensional mind resonates to gamma wave consciousness and can perceive and integrate many frequencies within the NOW. It is gamma wave consciousness that ties myriad frequencies of perception into a cohesive Multidimensional perception/reality.

As you expand your relationship with your Multidimensional SELF, you become consciously aware that your SELF is constantly interacting with you via the gamma consciousness of your Multidimensional mind. Through this conscious interaction with your SELF, you can perceive the higher worlds through your “imagination”.

Imagination is your fifth dimensional thoughts reminding you that in the fifth dimension and beyond perception and reality are synonymous terms. It also reminds you that perception and creation are also synonymous in the higher worlds. When you resonate to the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, all sequential and time-bound thinking occurs concurrently.

Thus, the reality that you choose to perceive is the reality that you are NOW creating and re-creating with your every choice of perception. Just as you create the reality that you live by choosing your perceptions, the reality that you choose to live will have the frequency band that is correlated to the dimensional spectrum of your perceptual field.

Thus, when you are choosing to perceive and attend to a certain component of your perceptual field, you are choosing the reality that you wish to enter with your conscious intention. There are examples of this dynamic in your 3D life. For example, if you choose to perceive the “bad news” on your newspaper or television, you have chosen to attune your consciousness to third dimensional fear, anger and sorrow.

Within that state of consciousness, your emotions of fear, anger and sorrow join with your thoughts of helplessness, revenge and heartbreak to create a powerful thoughtform. This thoughtform will float about your aura, linger where you sit, and move into your food and water to assist you to create the reality that you have chosen to create by your choice of perception.

Just as your state of consciousness created the frequency of the thoughtforms, these thoughtforms create the state of your consciousness. For example, when you eat healthy food, you feel good and yearn for more healthy food. In this manner, you assist your Earth vessel to become and remain healthy. On the other hand, when you eat junk food you do not feel satisfied, but you still yearn for more junk food, as it is quite addictive.

Your eating choices are similar to your perception choices. For example, if you long to eat something and your body says, “NO, you will feel bad,” and you do not listen to your body and eat it, you will feel bad.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of eating something and your body says, “Yes, this is just what I need,” you will feel good if you eat it. Just as your body assists you in making healthy dietary choices, if you listen, your Multidimensional SELF assists you to make healthy perceptual choices, if you listen.
  1. When your attention is focused on Unconditional Love, unity and your innate transmutational
    abilities, you naturally maintain higher states of consciousness.
  2. Because of your higher states of consciousness you can consciously perceive higher frequencies of reality.
  3. The perceptions of these realities create clear, Multidimensional thoughts and loving, compassionate emotions.
  4. Thus, you create Multidimensional thoughtforms that exude Love and Compassion.
  5. These Multidimensional thoughtforms serve as portals to higher dimensional realities.
  6. By continuing this higher frequency cycle of perception and creation, you maintain an open channel to receive guidance from your Multidimensional SELF.
  7. Your Multidimensional SELF will guide you to perceive, create and re-create a higher dimensional reality.
There are uncountable thoughtforms that serve as possible models for you to choose to perceive via the concentration of your attention and intention. Once you place your attention and intention on a thoughtform, you begin to enter that realty. The frequency of that reality will then greatly influence the state of your consciousness.

That state of consciousness will then influence your thoughts and emotions, which will create thoughtforms that swirl throughout your aura. You can only attend to what you can perceive, and you can only perceive that which resonates to the state/frequency of your consciousness. Hence, your state of consciousness determines your choice of perception, while the choice of perceptions influences your state of consciousness.

Do you understand the cyclical nature of this creative process of your life? When you are functioning on a third dimensional frequency, you can only conceive of third dimensional ideas and can only place your attention on third dimensional solutions and choices. In order to perceive higher dimensional solutions and choices, you need to expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions of reality.

When you desire and think about a chosen creation, and place your intention and/or attention on that creation, you slowly bring your consciousness into entrainment with that creation. If your consciousness is limited to the third dimension, it will be limited to a third dimensional beta wave creation. On the other hand, if you receive an intention via a dream or “day dream,” your consciousness will be in entrainment with the fourth dimensional perceptions of your alpha wave consciousness.

Then, you will be more open to fourth dimensional creations, which can serve as portals from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. If you can remember to write your dreams down as soon as you awaken, you will begin to bridge the gap between 3D beta and 4D alpha wave thinking, emotions and perceptions. You could then choose to go into a deeper state of meditation to activate your fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness.

Many of your theta wave ideas originate in your Multidimensional mind and serve as a link between your Multidimensional mind and your third dimensional brain. However, these messages cannot come into entrainment with your 3D brain if you are experiencing fear, anger or sorrow. These fearful emotions serve to separate you from your higher awareness because they are based on the separation of fear, the pushing away of anger and the isolation of sorrow.

Separation from your goal, pushing away your goal and isolating yourself from that goal will halt the manifestation of that goal. You have been trained, brainwashed, to believe that only the physical, beta wave perceptions are real. This indoctrination separates your conscious attention from the perceptions of your higher states of consciousness by informing you that they are NOT real.

You have been told that only the spectrum of the third dimension is real. During the times of the Kali Yuga many were punished and/or killed if they admitted that they received information from the higher worlds. These worlds are not higher in that they are better, which is what you were also taught. These realities are higher in that they resonate to a higher frequency.

Since those who sought to have power over others could only maintain a beta wave consciousness, they could only perceive/believe in the physical world. Therefore, they wanted signs of Ascension to come into their beta wave, daily consciousness, but these experiences could only be perceived via fourth dimensional consciousness.

This fourth dimensional, alpha wave consciousness can merge with your third dimensional beta wave thinking to assist you in finding ways to ground your higher perceptions in your daily life. Fortunately, more and more of humanity is also coming into a conscious connection with their fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness to create portals, which are frequency trails, from the fifth dimension through the fourth and into the third dimension.

However, only those who are able to connect with their own theta wave consciousness will be able to consciously perceive these inter-dimensional portals and/or messages. Once these inter-dimensional messages can be perceived, and if you can believe that they are real, you can maintain a conscious connection with the fourth and fifth dimensional stimuli and reality.

To maintain that conscious perception, you will need to place your attention on it while you ground that perception, idea and/or reality with your 3D beta consciousness. It is important that you remain in conscious connection with this message long enough to translate it into a format that can be perceived and understood via your beta wave consciousness.

When our Multidimensional Ones “channel” our messages, they connect with their own theta wave and beyond consciousness and believe that it is real. They then surrender into what they feel, see, hear and/or write. The surrender allows them to translate their experience into one that can be understood on the third dimension.

Once you realize that you are primarily pulling down information from the members of your own Multidimensional consciousness, you can greatly expand your “sense of Self” to include your own Multidimensional nature. Once you realize that you are “channeling” your own Multidimensional SELF, you know that you are not just a human. Instead, you begin to remember that you are a great Multidimensional Being who took an Earth vessel to merge with planet Earth.

Please remember that until you have fully merged with your own Multidimensional SELF, you will be vulnerable to the illusions, rules and fears of the physical world. Through your Multidimensional unification you gain the experiences of myriad other human incarnations. Your 3D leaders taught you that life is sacred, but they only meant humanity, and the plant, animal and elemental kingdoms were created to be under humanity’s domination.

Fortunately, once you have just one experience of viewing the 3D via your higher perceptions, your life will change. You will see that all plants, animals, elements and elementals are alive, sentient Beings. You will also perceive how you create thoughtforms with your thoughts and emotions that constantly impact all the sentient life that surrounds you.

Your perception of reality will shift much as one who was always blind suddenly has their vision restored. This statement applies to all your senses. When you can hear the higher dimensions, you realize how deaf you have been. Yes, your Lightbody Self can also touch, taste and smell, but these senses are quite different within each dimension.

Think how different your fourth dimensional dream life can be from your waking life. Now expand that into your fifth dimensional Lightbody life. This task may seem impossible to your beta wave thinking, but to your theta wave thinking it is normal. The best part is that you do not have to gain your higher consciousness as it is already latent within you, waiting to be activated.

Just as a fledging bird must believe it is normal to fly, you must believe it is normal to perceive, create and live in the higher dimensions. Your worst enemy is 3D habit, and your best friend is your own inner connection to your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, it is vital that you calibrate your attention and intention to your fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Then merge your 4D consciousness with your 5D and your 3D consciousness. Once you unite these Multi-Dimensions of your SELF from inside yourself, you can consciously unite with the perceptions, creations and intentions of your REAL, Multidimensional SELF.

Be patient Dear Ones, and most important, remember that you are never alone.
The Arcturians

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