Friday, January 9, 2015

‘The Collective’: A Message to Lightworkers

Channeled Via Caroline Oceana Ryan On 1-2-15

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We welcome you to the new era that will come to be seen as beginning this very year of 2015, though of course the seeds were planted long ago. Many thousands of years ago, in fact.

Thousands of years ago, when Atlantis fell, we in the higher realms (some of us were on Earth to witness it) knew that the idea of Atlantis was not lost, merely the physical incarnation of it, as it existed at that time.

Now you are busy creating a new era and a new age, which will see the rebirth of all that Atlantis stood for, and much else besides.

You will see teleportation, telepathy, and energetic, noninvasive healing, as well as higher states of meditation and consciousness, the restoration of the full 12-strand DNA, the restoration of your Earth and her animals and plant kingdoms, and many other occurrences that you may consider to be “miraculous,” but which are in fact your birthright as Ascended Beings.

We say birthright, though Ascension is something like a journey, and a mastery of higher consciousness, because you came here at this time to reclaim that which was taken from you.

Long ago the dark ones broke universal law and stole from you your free will, your voice as both individuals and a race.

Even the very DNA from your human physical structure was interfered with and degraded.

And so we herald this new era not as a thing unseen and undone before now, but as a reclaiming and celebration of that which you were intended to receive, many eons ago.

Yes, it is so that it was permitted by Mother/Father God and all who aided in creation of this Universe, that Earth would fall to the third dimension.

There was a desire on the part of many to experience the lowest dimension for physical incarnation, so that many lessons could be learned and much experience and attainment of mastery could be created, as quickly and fully, with no small amount of adventure, as was possible in this Universe.
You know the rest – that the experiment as it has been called, got badly out of control.

And so your planet, known as the Planet of Sorrows by many throughout this Universe, fell into uncontrolled states of violence, and a separation from other civilizations in your galaxy.

The extremities to which you have been subjected were never intended.

And with the ongoing intrusion and overt forms of control exercised upon your planet by those who have refused to give up their false ownership and governance, which was never intended to carry on this long, nor to these extremes – an intervention was made, to bring Earth from Her low and outcast state, long under quarantine, to the Ascending state which She now resides in.

And shall you also rise to the fifth dimension, my friends? – brave Lightworkers, who volunteered to come to Earth in this era, to aid in the anchoring of the higher frequencies and the Light of Alcyone, as He shines upon the Earth to awaken all who will be awakened now.

Yes, of course you shall ascend! You are doing so now.

How quickly and by what method is your own invention, your own path, your own high adventure.
It is true that many helps exist for you, chiefly to be reached in states of meditation, in moments of absorbing the resonance of certain tones and frequencies of music, color and Light. And in moments of fully experiencing the Earth’s presence, beauty and Her own fifth dimensional reality.
It is true that no one can ascend for you, for this is your sacred journey, and no one else’s.

But it is also true that you are never alone in this journey, that you are all moving forward in perfect ways, and that “time” as you conceive of it will begin to mean less and less, as Time dissolves in its linear thoughtform and becomes more of an abstract principal than that which governs your day.
And so on this bright January day in this new year, we welcome you to that which you have prayed for and believed in for so long.

We would encourage you to begin celebrating all you have asked for – the economic and political freedoms, as well as the spiritual learning and adeptness.

For none of this is mere fantasy, out of reach and hard to imagine.

Now it is where you live, and how you live, and we welcome you, our fellow citizens of the Universe, of the higher realms.

Namaste! We are with you, and send great love, and assistance – you have only to ask.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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