Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Greetings From The Arcturian Group

Channelled By Marilyn Raffaele On 1-4-15

Dear Ones,
We send wishes for a Happy New Year and add that a year of the New it will be, for you have already cleared much of the energy that held you in bondage to an old state of consciousness and this will allow the New to unfold.

Never believe that your efforts to learn and express Love are wasted or insignificant, for every spark of Light and awareness serves to decrease the density of a general world consciousness based in duality and separation.

Each day the Light of the world is becoming brighter and lighter because of the unfolding awareness of so many. All are in and of the One and therefore the Light you acknowledge within yourself, you also acknowledge for the world.

Love is the key to everything Dear Ones – love of self and love of everything in your life. Love every aspect of your lives – the nice as well as the not so nice – for every experience can act to bring you into deeper spiritual awareness if you allow yourself to dig and discover the beliefs behind the experience.

It is impossible to truly love anything until you allow Self to love Self. A consciousness selective with regard to Love, one that excludes Self, reflects the third dimensional beliefs of duality and separation. A consciousness that excludes Self can never express Love in its highest sense because it does not yet contain it.

Concepts and beliefs about Love in an unawakened society are usually based on sexual attraction, power, and the need to feel loved, all of which are relentlessly promoted through the media, “experts”, family, friends etc.

Only LOVE, which is the recognition, realization, and action of a state of consciousness reflecting the ONE SELF will shift world consciousness into its next level of evolution.

Many say; “Oh but you don’t know the awful things I have done. I could never love myself because I am not worthy of Love.” Others may say; “I was always told and treated as a child that I was unworthy or unlovable, and I just can’t let that go.”

YES YOU CAN! It is time to stop continually feeding the issues, beliefs, concepts, memories and whatever still holds you in bondage. These things have only the power you feed them and you who read these messages are evolved enough at this point to acknowledge this, allowing any “victim mentality” of the past to cease and dissolve into the nothingness that it is.

This is what clearing old energy is all about, the more intensely you may experience something the more it is spiritually begging to be looked at and cleared. Clearings are graduations, and not negative experiences. Lovingly allow them by getting to the root of your belief system, no matter how physically, emotionally, or mentally painful the process may be. Once something is cleared spiritually it is gone, you have uprooted it and not just cut off a branch that will re-sprout at some later date.

The more an individual focuses on human problems the more these issues become firmly embedded within consciousness. Be alert to your thoughts as you go about your day. There comes a time in everyone’s spiritual journey when it is necessary to surrender everything that no longer serves his evolution.

Much of what you considered to be who and what you are, is now changing. The new you is moving into a new state of consciousness but it cannot happen while grasping tightly to the old. This is what is meant in the Bible story of not putting new wine into old wineskins.

You are not your past actions whether of lifetimes long ago or this one, even if that lifetime was filled with seeming errors. Learn to love the mistakes you have made along the way and give gratitude for them because this is how you learn and grow. It is only the third dimensional consciousness that affixes blame and shame. These messages are being read by those ready to take the next steps – YOU. Those not ready do not resonate with these words.

Bless and love everything in your life, always remembering that every soul makes pre-birth choices regarding the necessary evolutionary experiences he needs and is evolved enough to handle.

An example is that many who experience harsh and abusive childhoods have specifically chosen that particular situation in order to activate and once and for all resolve issues of low self-esteem and self-loathing or to resolve some karmic relationship that has been in place for many lifetimes.
Many have not been able to clear the more deeply buried issues until now when the higher dimensional energies are flowing intensely, giving them the strength and guidance to do the work.

Some issues needing to be cleared will not come to conscious awareness until the individual is ready and this is determined by their Higher Self. Clearings of more intense and deeply held energies often clear in layers, so if you have done the work to clear and resolve something and find that lo and behold it is back, just know that you are now ready to clear the next layer and will know when it is finished.

Many who struggle with some physical, emotional, or mental difficulty are only now evolved enough to move through and resolve issues behind it, usually from lifetimes ago.

Love and honor the courage of those who struggle Dear Ones, for many that seem handicapped in some way are old and wise souls who chose their situation in order to quickly evolve and learn something. Often it is an evolved soul who chooses to be born handicapped or stillborn in order to assist in the evolution of the parents.

Love does not mean you must have emotional feelings for everyone. Feelings and emotions are often tied to human concepts of Love. Love is the recognition, acceptance, and honoring of Self, others, and everything as spiritual, for there is nothing but God. Period. It is only three dimensional beliefs of separation that cause everything in the world to seem separate.

Look in the mirror each day and say to yourself “I LOVE YOU”. Warts and all, I love you. Love the warts, for they are you and you are not separate from the ONE.

Mankind is on the brink of entering into a time of awakening, leaving behind that spiritually immature consciousness filled with false ideas and untruths. The world has been asking and praying for this, and yet remains reluctant to embrace it, afraid of leaving behind what is familiar, no matter how unpleasant.

This, now, is the time for trust, trusting that the dance is finished, following a certain ritual, book, or Guru is finished. This, now, is the time to accept that You are IT. That which you have been desiring, searching for, praying for, you already are, but it is up to each individual as to whether or not they accept this. Free will allows everyone to play in the dream for as long as they wish, but the door is open now for those who choose to enter in.

Let the new year of 2015 be one of celebration in the midst of whatever occurs. Celebrate each day, giving gratitude for all things. Celebrate your awakening, and celebrate who you are by no longer giving power to the illusions of the third dimensional belief system.

Starve these pictures of their power through your recognition of Divine Light within each and every individual regardless of what they are reflecting outwardly. Everyone is learning, but the lessons of others need not become yours.

2015 is going to be a year of awakening and change for many. Those holding tightly to old concepts and beliefs will find themselves removed from them one way or another and it is much easier to make the choice yourself rather than have the Universe do it for you.

LOVE yourselves, Dear Ones. LOVE is our message today and always. LOVE is the key to all things. LOVE is the answer you seek and is all there is.

We are the Arcturian Group
The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele. January 4, 2015. http://www.onenessofall.com/newest.html

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