Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Short Pep-Talk From AAM


Channelled By Gulcin Onel (Mavinin Sesi) On 1-22-15

Some of you are ready for changes and progressing rapidly, some are trying to be more cautious with their steps. Crossroads, changes in direction, unaccounted possibilities are being laid down before you and you are developing each moment, from day to day, going through new gates.

If the new paths you are walking on are carrying you to new portals, let them. Do not hesitate to proceed on your new paths that are beginning to appear with your light and beyond your guesses.

Your guide is your Heart and the excitement arising from your Soul. Every time you need courage during this journey, invoke the Creative Force within yourselves so that it can emerge.

It is in the depths of your heart where your soul speaks. Allow us to embrace you and perform our guidance, at each instant you find yourselves deep in worry and anxiety.  Invite us into your awareness and let the love arising and spreading from your heart flow to your surroundings.

Your transformation is with Love and Light.
ArchAngel Michael

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