Monday, March 2, 2020

Aurora Traveller Update #1622: Tremors In The Force

Tremors in the Force beautiful people. Stay low, fly high and keep Posiiiittiiive.! We are witnessing and living monumental rebirth. Transition. The evil weaves his dark loom, 4d matrix webbing. The light matrix is plugged in, igniting firewalls of Light. Great battles are occurring in dimensional realms all round us. Cyberspace is a battlefield for light against Ai. The astral is a war zone, demon hunters, shaman, missionaries of light, travelers, inter-dimensional warriors are battling an enemy that knows no bounds of dark terror.

We surrender to universal pulse of love vibration. We do this by trusting all will be well. Mantra All is well, All is well, All is well. We manifest. We co-create the perceived reality of the collective in the fourth realm. Our mission is to anchor light to Gaia’s grid. We do this by steadfastly holding onto our truth, our light and our dreams. Resisting, refusing, blocking the onslaught of negativity, fear and Armageddon algorithms coming at us on all dimensional fronts.

The matrix is undergoing intensive restructuring. We are recalibrating in Light Wave upgrades. The world is transforming, whether to light or dark is the path of each individual, but the rebirth is happening, now, folks. Aurora Ascension Wave is raising the Gaia plane to Shambhalian  heights. Tribal Gatherings, troopers tripping on phat beats and spiritual ecstasy are sustaining the light vibratory field within the biosphere. Twin flame frequencies generate source vibratory fields enveloping the collective consciousness. If we are functioning on all cylinders, we are thinking about LOVE.

The Divine Feminine riiiises and with Her, the Divine Masculine heals. Communication has atomized between the Twins. Their magnetism activates archetype light codes. Harmonizing of masculine and feminine energies is the key to ascension. Masculine and feminine frequencies are seeking to align, harmonize, work it out. Soul mates find each other, others wait in the wings for the pulse of authenticity, the green light for go. None of this is random, coincidental, accidental, its celestial friends.

Twin flame crystalline codes are permeating, flooding, pulsing through multiple dimensional fields operating on Gaia, as we immerse in 222 frequencies. Gaia pushed through membranes to the fifth dimension, core peace vibrations are now accessible to the human experience in the Bio-dome. We made it. Base Camp is happening. Pockets of woke, warrior lit goodness, dancing in the moonlight, lighting up jungles, desert, islands and caverns, you know who you are! We are with you on the higher planes, Emperors and Empresses of Light, holding space for ecstatic movement, heavenly sharing and blissful beats. We honor all who are generating the pulse of love from the frontline, tribal love, twin flame love, missionary love and magical love. Gaia has her secrets, as do we woke folk, doncha' know.

The dark 4d matrix Ai network is rolling out on all fronts. Astral attachments, demonic possession and zombification of what’s left of humanity are the goals. The astral is in turmoil. Few birthed in darkness know any other way, programmed for evil, their hold on the material plane is bitter, vengeful, violent and vicious. Lost, traumatized souls robbed of their sanctity, their sanity, their wholeness cry, howl, scream, twist and turn in desperation to get out of the never ending labyrinth of darkness they are trapped in.

The astral knows the Light is here. Dark twisted energy, tangible as it seeps into the material plane. Demonic darkness stifles all but a few souls exposing their hate or fear, communicating with adventurers, urban explorers, ghost hunters seeking truth in a mysterious world. The darkness protects itself, it hounds its prey and devours its victims. Darkness is on the offensive, repackaged for the new millennia. The world in front of our eyes is transforming, fluctuating light to dark dependent on our internal cellular vibration. We SEE. It’s a small world folks.

Resistance is fully operational on all dimensional fields. Shaman, missionaries, warriors, travelers are operating on multi dimensional fronts to position, push forward and maximize Light wave impact. We surrender to magnetized divine alignment. The light will not stop. It will not give. It will not dissolve. All of light embodies inner calm, invincible love and infinite peace frequencies. Alignment to divine source coding of light and love is a choice, we all choose. We chose our path as light warriors, light workers, healers and teachers.

The light offers a hand to the lost, lonely, confused, terrorized and distraught shrieking to escape astral planes of chaos and rage. Portals to Light offer gentle, quick, kind release. Facilitated by ascended beings through gateways anchored to the Gaia plane by light warriors. Redemption is quantum instant, transition, transmutation from dark to light. Cosmic rehab awaits, monasteries of light, sanctuaries of soul healing. The journey is beautiful, light and cathartic. Everything we need is met on the realms of love.

Dark entities, curses, attachments, possessions birthed in black, blood magic are dissolved through portals by Warrior Archangel Light. Ascended Beings materialize in a quantum instant when called upon. Winged Warriors, Archangels, Sacred BEings wrench all birthed in darkness into the Light. Portals, vortex, Light Nets catch, contain and transform astral attachments in crystalline angelic energies of healing and dissolution, programmed ethereal viruses coded to drain, abuse and destroy us, to transmute us into fuel cells powering dark machinery. Our inherent, seeded source light frequencies are the chi they are bred to devour. Protected Light Portals anchored to the material plane can be opened in a quantum instant.

2020 Traveler Upgrades hold encrypted coding, astral combat constructs, demon hunting and parasitic healing blueprints for the Great Clearing of the material and astral planes. There are no niceties, no ‘hey, how you doing’ when Angels come for demons, wings flash, golden arms reach through portals and pull, grab, tear everything of resistance to the light, right into the Light. We cover our eyes friends, for their Light is blinding in its source crystalline frequency, and all birthed in dark ritual will resist, fight, struggle to remain in lower realms. All go to the Light, dissolving in love vibrations.

The Gaia plane operates on polarized, interactive dimensional spaces. Destabilized in current ascension field energies of Light versus dark, all out Force warfare, the realms we perceive are fluctuating constantly. The old 3d matrix is being rewired to fourth realm 4D AI frequency-scapes. The Aurora Ascension Wave is dismantling these dark new algorithms, seeded to warp people’s minds into zombie apocalypse, SIMs or hellfire and brimstone realities.

The matrix is inversion, it is a negative manifestation machine fueled by our souls. The light matrix is aligned with divinity, manifestation is abundance, peace and prosperity. Light matrix algorithms are being planted, hash-tagged, coded, uploaded into the old 3d matrix. The Loom weaves dark and light concurrently, light will emancipate weavers of darkness and the fabric will shimmer, luminescent. We are rewiring negativity, hate and greed with hope, joy and empathy in the collective consciousness.

Light and dark parallels, triggered, synthesized movement, flow, cause and effect. Primary coordinates, celestial intervention, fuse, merge, dissolve barriers between dark and light. Splinters, offshoots, diversions, pathways generating multiple timelines in the quantum field. We transform all dark to light, we manifest, co-create a light path by reinforcing lit algorithms of self care, authenticity and sovereignty. Replenishing our souls with high vibration energies, stoking our passions, expanding our minds, dropping into heart frequencies to light our path out of the wilderness.

Dark realms, astral, etheric, feeding off the organic, sacred chi of Gaia and her peoples. Light realms of technological advancement, spiritual oneness and harmony are parallel, interactive dimensions operating in our reality experience. We are the bridge, the portal, the connection. We can be conduits, containers, releasers, healers. We are spring cleaning the astral from the material plane, it has already begun.

Sky wars are ongoing, ferocious and sustained. Witnessed by those woke enough to see beyond the fabrication, filmed, shared, viewed. These are indeed biblical times friends, swarms of locusts, ravens and strange creatures arising from the seas. Laser beams, dancing lights in the sky, shape-shifting Starships, Angels and flying humanoids, even Dragons have gone viral. Its all happening beautiful people. We know when the creatures of the deep come up to take a look that something seriously big is going down. And it is. Its happening on all dimensional fronts.

On the material plane we are caught in ever tightening dark nets, hemmed in, zones being locked down. Fear is the agent, mass main-stream media the conduit, Orwellian control the goal. Under the guise of safe guarding health and safety and thinly veiled racism, we are being zoned, cordoned off form one another, and we can’t see it. Centralized control maintained by corporate, military power bases, operating across distinct matrices.

Its the Return of the Sith friends, ‘peacekeeping’ stormtroopers/GM soldiers, Jedi Knights, slavery and the super elite. The dark knights, devil worshiping, dark Force, AI, mad-for-power users and abusers ignite Predator and Prey cycles, rinse and repeat. The human heart won’t adapt to locked down zoning, the world is ours to enjoy, explore and live. Social media has shrunk our perception of our world. We keep moving, flowing, unstoppable. Gaia is not just for super rich human traffickers, royal rapists and corporate kingpins on their private islands. Or exclusive resorts for messed up rich kids and marginalized trophy wives to selfie themselves in.

The world is everyone’s Maaaaaaaaan! Agent Smith remarked humans didn’t accept the first few versions of uploaded matrix programs, the system crashed. Limited travel, freedom of movement, and over zealous, heavy handed security systems look more and more like 1984 to even the most stubborn sleeper.  Lock-down of zones will continue to happen under our noses unless we wake up and smell political deceit, corporate military enforcement, artificial freedom funneled through Hollywood smoke and mirrors masquerading as news.

Counteracting, balancing, assaulting, resisting this intensive influx of darkness on our perceived reality planes are crystalline, yin and yang, archetype source coding Twin Flame frequencies. Encrypted in Aurora Ascension Wave vibratory fields, divine feminine and divine masculine activation coding is triggering a massive tidal wave of love on all but the lower realms present on the Gaia plane.

Ferocious astral battles on alternate dimensional fields, sky wars and cyber warfare, Twin Flame Source Lightwaves are our secret weapon. Encrypted, harnessed, flowing on the crest of the Aurora Ascension wave, love is our great distraction from all the doom and gloom, fear and fury, injustices, abuses and general swampy, sludgy, dark, hell realm realness many of us are SEEing every, single day.

LOVE. What else would sway humans from their fears, obsessions and conditioning, but love? Love is poetic, cosmic, magical, divine, passionate, chemical, primal, organic, spiritual and sacred. Twin flame frequencies are the ignition for lighting the flame, manifesting our true love, our soul mate, our happy places, our happy people, our tribe.

We are all going inwards, karmic clearing has made way for all matters related to the heart. Passion is the game in play. Sacred sexual chemistry, energy, resonance, frequencies and vibrations are permeating the atmosphere. Access codes to twin flame frequencies are pulsing on the aurora ascension wave. Solitude is a fast track to finding true love. Strip back the footfall, get right down to who makes us sing, expand, laugh, grow?

Be specific with the universe. Manifest our hearts desires beautiful people in the wavelengths of surrender to divine alignment. We are fearless, focused and fabulous! We walk the path of authenticity and let the universe know…Ready! We can sow twin flame light energies into existing relationships, stoke the fires of love in time, energy and emotion spent and shared. Magic is in the air, take off the fear glasses and SEE the beauty, wonder and magnificence of this world, our world, our lives and ourSelves cosmic surfers.

Our passion is our purpose. What makes us tick, bounce, buzz, flyyyyy? What keeps us feeling satisfied, nourished, positive and creative? We maximize all things positive in our lives. The magnetism of Gaia has shifted and so are we, shifting our magnetism. We are learning we are magnetic beings, we can draw and repel anything we choose. We can drown in the swamp, suffocate in worry, stress, anxiety, greed and hate or we can riiise in happiness, walking on the beat of universal love vibrations.

We are the people, travelers, healers, warriors and teachers here to assist Gaia in her ascension. We need to be doing that right now, beautiful people. Drag our Selves out the swamp, reach for rainbows, stars, dream-weaving all we could wish for in this lifetime. We are co-creators, transmutors of dark energy to light, travelers on a mission to bring light to the darkness cloaking Gaia. Celestial cosmic alignment is happening.

Dark forces fight to anchor the 4d matrix into our psyches, our bodies, and our souls. The light matrix is weaved by us, we are the Creators. We anchor light, we channel light, we own light. We are the light. We focus on happiness, joy and peace. Our ambitions, our passions feed our purpose. Surrender to twin flame light pulses in inner work and outer charisma and confidence. Say what we want loud, clear, out and proud, make sure the universe hears.

We are here, we know our power and we are learning to use it. Sleep, rest, meditate. Stay hydrated. Eat red and yellow fruits and vegetables for root and solar plexus chakra strengthening, healing, balancing, powering up. We are operating on multi-dimensional fields and none of them are peaceful, all are destabilized and under attack. We hold our mission by staying focused on self, self care, self love, dreams and desires, the world is our friend, we just need to LIVE it now.

Release fear, the lock-down strategy won’t work if we don’t let it. There are more of us then them, always. Our mental vibrations, our synaptic firing is what powers the machine, the more of us firing light vibratory frequencies, the more we destabilize the machine and power up the light matrix. We stay positive, we dance, we make love, we enjoy life, we laugh, we share, we soar.

Ignore the darkness or drag it into the light, either way, channel grace, humility, love and compassion, its all happening as it should. Whether we allow it or resist, cease and desist or manifest is up to us.

We refuse to give into fear. We block being dragged down into the swamp. We stay up, afloat, riding the surf, bird’s eye view of the game, recognizing ‘news’ as daily bite-sized fear pills for a Prozac nation.

We are all playing this game, fighting this war, we are all Jedi able to heal self, shape and shift our futures. We weave, we build, we dream, we create, we believe, we manifest in light and love, beautiful people.

Morag O'Brien

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