Thursday, March 5, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-5-20

C'mon Man, We've Seen This B Movie 

Way Too Many Times

Here we go with some curiously curated blog post on Surfing the Tsunami of Love; Git Sum:

I will only re-post articles debunking the WW FF Cabal/Corona Fear Porn 'Virus' Scam; So Be It:

The [DS] is caught skimming Trillions of your taxpayer $ to fund their secret Sith Empire:

I believe that the [DS] social media censorship is in the kill-box of the Patriots; watch AG Barr: 

A Lionel short-shot on Chris Matthews, Monty Python sterling silver Drool Buckets and Fear Porn:

X22 Dave is lighting more candles to banish the ancient Darkness from this Land forever; Git sum:

My long held ‘planet in recovery’ model seems to be gaining adherents; And So It Is:

And then Schmuckie Chuckie self destructs on cue by doing a mike-drop on 2 SCOTUS Judges:

We leave you with some excellent advice for dealing with the ubiquitous negative media Messaging:

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