Sunday, March 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-15-20

 Uh Oh, Here's The 

Ides Of March Again

As the worldwide clean-up of Team Dark begins in earnest, best adjust your view to Big Sky Mind:

The Fear Virus and some Lighted Alternatives presented by lovely Jayme Price in Sedona, Arizona:

The first part of Judy's report resonates; this is so much bigger that most folks can Imagine:

Thanks to Ann and The Angels for reminding us that Unconditional Love and Gratitude is the Balm:

Morag is on a roll and if stream of consciousness works for you, read on w/Discernment:

Wow! This is what I call shelf life. The simple designs are often the most Enduring:

The cleanup-by-a-thousand-lawsuits begins now that 'real' judges have populated the Judiciary:
Many thanks to Bonnie in TX for this vintage reminder from Master Metaphysician, Gregg Tiffen:

My, my how the time just Flies by when you’re quarantined! Not. Nice try Mike:

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