Friday, March 20, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-21-20

Joe M. Nails It

Here is a wonderful little message from one of my beloved Tibetan teachers on the Chinese Virus:

James brings us the view from ECETI Ranch on the Corona Baloney Show; git sum mind Droppings:

In this, his most recent article 'Epidemic: Quarantining Real Science' Jon gives a righteous Rant:

Let’s go down the rabbit hole with Bro Dave; satisfaction guaranteed by Q+: 

Central banks are the modern core of the ancient Babylonian Debt Slavery model; kiss 'em G'bye:

How terribly convenient is this NASA dis-info? Big [DS] orbital assets going Boom, real Soon:

These [DS] sock-puppets are publicly betrayed by their shameless insider trading; Busted:

Hilarion, via Marlene Swetlisof, wraps this one up with His insights into the Global Shift:

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