Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-10-20

Knowing that Killary Sleeps With The Fishes

Is A Balm To My Soul

And now a word from the actress currently pimping the Hillary Meme in front of the LSM Cameras

TAD is coming! Be afraid and go buy massive quantities of Costco toilet paper; so Anal:

The Evil Spawn of the 9/11 False Flag, DHS is going down from the bottom up: ‘bout f-in Time:

Q-analysts go viral! Git sum world class dot-connecting before our limited supply Runs Out:

Something I learned hanging out in church basements; keep your opinion unless it's Requested:

Add to this lots of nano-molecular colloidal silver orally and you be good, unless you're Chinese:

We're very close to the end of The Fossil Fuel Scam for real; Marker - $1 a gal. gas this Summer:

Eric Prince is quite the principled Patriot spook helping POTUS & Co get the Dirt on [TD] WW:

Our Lady of Mt. Shasta is doin' a mike-drop on the 3/19/20 Equinox Energies; git sum Sandra:

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