Thursday, March 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-26-20

I Can't Drink Corona Anymore,

Make Mine A...

This blog is in total agreement with PM regarding reducing noise and amplifying Signal:

Bro Meyer from Holland gives us a reliable global clean-up overview; forgive him the Translation:

Cures for the Wuhan BooBoo, got domestic production of vital drugs; all for a Chloroquine LARP? 

Panning good news, it’s what the lame stream media does for their evil Masters:cessation [Marker]:

Truth Bombs loaded and ready to fire, Sir! AAM comes shining through, if you have eyes to See:

[TD] feels that Dr. Fauci is their Great White Hope; this presser shows that Trump totally owns Him:

Cousin Vladimir continues the take-down of offshore corrupt Oligarchs while bolstering Economy:

An instructional video featuring two of the best Dowsers in the world; git sum Pendulumfest:

Multiple-Mike, just back from a swab-job at the NHS clinic, channelled this message for US:

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