Friday, March 13, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-13-20

Welcome To the Wuhan Boogie Woogie

This Friday The Thirteenth

No Wuhan Boohoos for Youse; get with the Lighted Prevention Protocol and keep your vibes HIGH:

There's always a lighter side to every seemingly dark situation; cherish your Sacred sense of Humor:

Sorcha Fal dives deep on recent [TD] ‘wet work’ in CA and TX; the quiet war gets Louder:

Trump busts [DS] drug trade with extreme prejudice since 2017; C_A now just a Scaecrow:

The CFR Cabal Puppetmasters can’t even have a kaffie klatsch or take in a show; Aaargh:

This old Nazi would never let a false flag go un-flogged; total BS from dastardly Angela:

Recovering your Whole Self is a bitch; just like sobering up, this time from the 3/4D Holodeck:

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