Friday, March 6, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-6-20

 You're In My Sights Now, 

Accursed Red Barron

X22 Dave continues to be a clear voice for Sanity and Enlightened self interest; Listen Up:

These Bee Stings are the closest we'll get to John Stewart in his prime; Irony is not Dead:

If the breaking news is strange but true, Tucker is all over it, spin-busting a path to the Verity: 

Red Pill 78 good news, no BS, no commercials and no campaign ads; don't forget to Patreon Sum:

Here's another 5D pep-talk from Johns Council Beings; just what you've been waiting for, Right?

Too-big-and-corrupt-to-regulate Boeing gets a beat-down from Congress; Busted:

The Nine give the best Lighted view of the Corona chazzerai; props to Suzanne for the Workup:

Again, it seems only right to give The Angels the last word on the satanic psycho-weapon Du Jour:

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