Sunday, March 29, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-29-20


17 Minute Long Dylan Download

On JFK'S Murder...Interdasting No?

In my mind Jenji is a reliable communicator and is getting the same Galactic Memos I do; Git Sum:

These three recent Q Drops form an executive precis of the Great Awakening; grokfest Q-bundle:

Unholy Corona Baloney! The Spamdemic even suckered in the secretive med-fesh cultists; Gaak:

Sorcha on the ongoing Cabal take-down and Murder Most Foul is a Blowin’ in the Wind:

Billy boy has behaved very badly and is Busted; gettin' a one way trip to Gitmo in a White Ship:

Jeffie Bozos is trying to shuffle around already disgruntled wage slaves; fork the $$$ Over:

The Spamdemic is cowing a tech giant, just don’t forget - Apple is Silicon Valley [DS]:

If you are a Psychonaut this will really roast your chestnuts; weaponized Consciousness:

New Earth dreamweavers listen up to what Jenny's layin' down in this one; hum Along:

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