Friday, March 27, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-27-20

It's Habbening!

I heartily recommend this Forum to all of you masochistic daily readers of these Disclosure Digests:
"We’re live at last, providing for our readers a safe community sharing space.  Together we’ll weave our stories and experiences into a beautiful collective Earth Tapestry and learn more about one another in the bargain/" Suzanne Maresca

Today's Corona Baloney Roundup raises several very uncomfortable issues; spoiler alert - Truth:

The ubiquitous Cabal spinmeisters are increasingly unmasked by inquiring media Minds:

Exploring mature adult content re: Cabal blood-suckery, Adrenochrome and Kids; buckle Up:

Truth Bombs loaded and ready to fire, Sir! AAM comes shining through if you See:

A guided meditation for bat-shit crazy times from Magenta Pixie and the Folks in her Rafters:

Please enjoy these irreverent and amusing Babylon Bee-Stings du jour; laughter is the best Medicine:

James and the Pleiadians are on it; Big Sky View, some sage advice and a very Happy Ending:

Bible! Whazzup Ecky? Oh, a parable from Lord Sananda, now I get it: Grok-A-Thon:

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