Monday, March 9, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-9-20

The Corona-Baloney Storm Is Upon Us

Sobering straight talk about Fear Porn induced panic attacks and your power to nonetheless Awaken:

We return you now to our regularly scheduled program, As The Bee Stings; sharp edges this one Has:

Space Force? Q+> Is real hard disclosure coming? We already have Starfleet: Engage Mr. Sulu:

Tucker does a short piece on the status of our weaponized Judiciary; excellent Red Pill Content:

The message to the Cabal poisoners is quite simple ‘You can’t put this back in the Blackbox Baby':

Now this is truly bizarre, and after all these years us using cocaine contaminated money: Oy Gevalt: 

Firmly ‘Christian’ yet spot on nonetheless; Disney has always been the penultimate Pedo Front:

Got kidney cramps? Git Sum Cranberries on the hoof; good info, good recipies and No Charge:

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