Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-3-20



Perhaps It's Time To Redefine 'Hemorrhoids'

This is it in a nutshell folks, please move along to your assigned cryo-pods; turbulence Ahead:

Reality checks from JR, a lifeline to pull us all out of this endless sea of BS; his last three Bulletins:

More peripheral Corona false flag follies reports from various media outlets; discernment Advised:

Y2K redux; Everything you need to do to combat this bug you learned in Kindergarten:

Tooty fruity and ever so Persuity; a spirited Sir Patrick Mack Attack, Jack - contain This!

The essential five minute Lionel mini rant on Sino-Scull-duggery and Rhino Rediculousness;
I'm posting the last installment of this series from CE for those of you following along at Home:

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