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The Current Quality Of Time

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Image: Jupiter-PlutoThe Saturn-Pluto conjunction that was exact at the beginning of the year still forms the dominant undercurrent of the quality of time. The worldwide spread of the corona virus has brought the corresponding topics into our everyday life. The virus can be seen as a Plutonic force that penetrates Saturnian boundaries and brings fear into our lives. Saturn, as the limiting power, reacts with demarcation, isolation and the closing of borders. The effects of this powerful constellation force us to face up to reality; they show us what is ultimately important.

However, the somber undercurrent is joined by a new, encouraging tune in the first days of April. The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on April 5 offers undreamt-of opportunities to lay solid foundations for further development. Now, extraordinary things can be achieved. Use this time to take concrete steps, be it for the realization of an outer goal or to find clarity and order in a personal inner process. Your actions will be supported by Saturn and Mars in Aquarius, which form a harmonious aspect with Venus, who has entered Gemini on April 3. Things can now be viewed from a wider perspective. Jupiter and Pluto will meet two more times this year. Stay tuned!

Image: TaurusAround the Full Moon on the Aries-Libra axis on April 8, the focus will be on relationship issues. If you have been taking too much care of yourself and too little of your loved ones in the past few weeks, you can now make up for it. It is worth making a conscious effort and enjoying it. Because just one week later, another tension-filled phase will begin. On April 15, the Sun squares the conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter and the Moon; and Mercury forms a conjunction with Chiron. The conflict between autonomy and necessary adaptation may then be painfully obvious.

On April 19, the Sun enters the sensual, earthy sign of Taurus and subsequently makes a square with Saturn in Aquarius. There is a great need for stability now. However, stability for the prize of stagnation would not be a good idea, because times remain dynamic and demand development. At the New Moon on April 23, the Sun and Moon are close to Uranus, followed by the conjunction of the Sun and Uranus on April 26. This is a somewhat nervous time, and, despite our inner and outer restlessness, we would all be well advised to ground ourselves in our very concrete, physical existence, and to remember our natural, sensual needs.

The Personal Quality Of Time

Image: calendarStatements about the general astrological climate belong to the domain of mundane astrology. Individual experience, however, follows other laws. Every person is deeply embedded within their own rhythms, which are indicated by the transits and progressions of the planets. The transits can be found day by day in the free Personal Daily Horoscope as well as in the "Transits of the Year" by Robert Hand. Liz Greene's "Yearly Horoscope Analysis" takes into account the transits as well as the progressions of the planets, which can also describe important emotional processes.

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