Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-17-20

Sorry, St. Paddy Couldn't Make It

He's Busy Slaying Demons

A Corona Bologna crap-shoot of selected rantings and ravings about the dreaded Chinese Thingie:

Galaxy Girl does have her moments of great clarity and receptivity; in this one we get the Ancestors:

Regulating the rate on Fed bucks is the Feds main job; 0% Interest rate = Defunct Fed > US Treasury:

The Cashmere Crisis in the Himalayan ice desert; and you think social distancing is a big Problem:-

"We all know where it came from” POTUS; two hours later Bill Gates resigns - Q+ Boomage:

Who is the Blue-Blood Illuminutty House Band? Can I get some Sympathy for the Devil?

Phase 2 Planetary Ascension has just kicked off and Denise LeFay’s got the Lowdown:

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