Sunday, March 8, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-7-20

Will His Dual US-Israeli 

Citizenship Help This Man?

Good advice from the Tucker; a road map for some sane solutions to this heinous False Flag: 
This video and transcript are a good entry-level Red Pill on the evolution of the 4Th Reich/C_A:

John Rappoport calls the [DS] Corona Baloney campaign for what it is, a fascist power Grab: 

So begins the WH takedown of the Petrodollar & Big Oil; SA carefully follows the Movie Script 

Z22 keeps on putting up very insightful videos on current Q goings-on; give a listen, Y'all:

Busting the all-pervasive child trafficking pedophile network will bring down ALL their Houses:

We round off todays ration of bat-shit-crazy follies with a soothing message from Multiple Mike:

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