Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-25-20

 More Lock-Down Looney Tunes

Vidya has put together a spot-on missive; please give yourself the Gift of Awareness:

'You’re Not Part of This, Unless You Want to Be' is a reassuring message from Brenda Hoffman:

Creator just nails keeping the pep-talks short and sweet; please enjoy these most recent Offerings:

Bee Stings can have an anti-viral, protective effect if consumed in a mindfully silly Manner:

Magenta Pixie put up this little primer video for Newbies to the Ascension Process; Grok Sum:

The Corona Baloney Spamdemic Follies are chronicled by these engaged and deranged Authors:

This is a wonderful communique from a practicing Tibetan Physician manifesting Medicine Buddha:

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