Monday, March 2, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-2-20


Some Post Cards From

The Folks In The Rafters

Through the dimensional foggy, foggy dew of dis-assembling paradigms, higher reality Self-Reveals:

High road, Low road; STS or STO; Red Pill or Blue Pill; Orc of High Elf; Slave of Sovereign -

Timeline projections (ie. 2034) are only valid for the one making the prediction; Capisce:

Huggy Bear Matt is on a mission to correct some serious metaphysical misunderstandings; Grok On:

Our Lady of the Smokies comes through with a rather poetic psychic download for us All:

Jelelle Awen brings us the latest Schumann/Gaia Resonance Spike inside skinny; Shields Up:

The closing spot honorific goes to Ronna Vezanne - Sacred Scribe for Archangel Michael:

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