Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-18-20

Creator Is Sorry For Any Inconvenience


PM gets what is going on behind the Corona Baloney smokescreen and articulates it quite Nicely:

Class Action is a beautiful thing to behold at fruition; expect a flood of Similar lawsuits

Utsava gives us her latest info from the Voices in her Head; don't miss this one...she's the Best:

Lionel reveals the meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything as the Storm Arrives: 

5D chess at it’s finest, this shit-storm is already Biblical and approaching the Bozone Layer:

Jordan gets excited and Pepes Out on all the stormy habbenings; spot-on grok-a-ton Stuff:

Full of discernment one must be when perusing Fulford mind droppings; happy ending Yesss:

X22 sez - all the exits for bad actors are blocked and the round-up continues with extreme Prejudice:

Jesus advises us all to let Unconditional Love dissolve your fears and anxieties; Git Sum:

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