Saturday, March 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-28-20

Stay Grounded And 

Git Sum Mother Nature

Well, Sandra is all abuzz about this coming weekend, what could it be? A ponderfest Methinks:

Cabal money-changers in utter panic, flaccid markets and more Corona Baloney, Oh Joy:

And now for something completely different (courtesy of KP's Blog); John Cleese Opines:
Play-by-play of the ongoing mass population awakening from Uncle Dave @X22:

Introducing the new 'Chair' of the Federal Baloney Reserve; Bye bye FED welcome NESARA!
You think Adam Schiff happened along by accident? Check out his Illuminutty Ancesttry:

Factual overview of recent and ongoing fear porn info-war to control the Sheeple:

Lisa Renee offers salient insight into how we can best navigate/survive this global Timeline Shift:

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