Monday, March 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-16-20

Corona Baloney Blast Du Jour

With Special Sauce

With such well written and pithy offerings it's hard not to lead with something from Jon Rappoport: 

Genius Patriots Plan...Git Sum!

Epstein didn’t kill himself and is still singing like a coal-mine Canary: Eh, what’s up, Doc:

Deep State Big Fail for their plan to enslave humanity; X22 Dave keeps it Habbening:

Bill Gates is in custody and watching this informative video will explain why; Git Sum:

The Cabal owners of my old stomping grounds wanted to stay open for their valued One-Percenters:

This just in from our BaloneyVision stringer in Tennessee; dynamite get-rich-quick scam Foiled:

Well, it appears that [TD] won't be able to sabotage the digital commons during the 'Emergency';

Sophia Gaia, to understand what a Great Central Sun is here are a few basic concepts; Grok-A-Thon:

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