Monday, June 7, 2021

A Cuppa Capuchino From Utsava

Shared By Utsava On Jun 7, 2021

More turmoil ahead? Is it for real? EBS update.  

Good Morning,

I hope that you are doing well. BTW we have saved those four horses Journey, Rickey, Silverado and Pistol. I will post more pictures soon of the rescue. They have a bit of a cold and Silverado seems to have an infection in the mouth, other than they need more groceries they are doing well. THANK YOU again for your support.

We have heard rumors that Trump would be criminally charged by a corrupt prosecutor, or similar. Is there a bumpy road ahead? Remember the war with the deep state is already won. The White hats say that 60% of the people are now somewhat awake world wide. Fauci has been discredited and the Wuhan lab, that created the corona virus, is exposed all over the news. The WHO and the CDC are implicated. Fauci's incriminating emails have surfaced for the public to see his involvement with the scheme.

We have Joe Biden as fake president. Trump keeps saying that he will be back in August...something we already knew.

Remember it is in the news media and public eye a scenario played, for people to understand what is going on, in a psychological manner. It is all about acceptance.

President Donald Trump has been saying that the vaccine has saved the world. Why is he saying this? I knew that it was important that he came out with his own vaccine. Otherwise the Deep state would have created longer lockdowns and deadly vaccines. They would have created the New World Order under an emergency scam etc. Because of promoting the vaccine we are out of lock downs and people in nursing homes stopped dying (or shall I say 'being killed'....?)

I said this years ago that Bill Gates will be arrested and exposed with his vaccination scheme. It seemed impossible back then but the disclosure is on when you read the news. It is all played out in connection with Fauci and governmental organizations.


As of today the EBS is expected for around middle of June! Again...fingers crossed. I know we have heard of time lines often, but we want to be prepared. It won't be tomorrow so you have a bit more time...I have more time to get more hay and feed for the livestock, that is what I'm concerned about....


Down 50% and confirms our crash predicted a long time ago for this year! Expect it to go to ZERO, or similar.

Bumpy road ahead-Keep up the faith!

The bumpy road ahead appears to be also a test for our faith. No Trump will not be arrested for real. It will be a show. They are after Jesus, Trump has said over and over. Those who are pure and want to change the world for the better get always attacked by the 'world'. People will be outraged about the injustices coming up and will be screaming to get the REAL criminals arrested. Think Fauci, Podesta, Clinton, Gates and Pelosi, for instance. We already know that they are 'taken care of' for others a version will be played out in the public eye that they can see the real criminals will be taken down. People will be so tired of the corrupt enterprises, they will want to make sure this never happens again!

More and more people in social media are catching on that Elon Musk is NOT a good guy, something I have said a long time ago. I warned about him. Do not trust Musk!

More soon!

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