Sunday, June 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 6-20-21

Don't Miss Jim Carey In The 

Role Of A 20 To Life-Time


A video of Jim Carey coming out of the Biden character during an out-take; you're watching a MOVIE!

Tucker Carlson (with help from the WH NSA) righteously throws FBI under the bus; Mega Kek!

Damning the cucks to hell, this Rep says it out loud in a demented Screed you won't hear on the LSM:

The Texas School (Repository?) Bundle - No Maske`Bay Bay; git sum Vaxatopia follies du jour; Allez:

White Pine Needle tincture kicks [TD]'s spikey ugly bio-weapon's nano-butt; git sum Suramin Sauce:

A Project Veritas /Coffin Nails Bundle awaits the avid readers perusal, Hey, we're talkin' to You: 

Let's call this one the Funny/Not Funny Bundle; Good in the broad strokes, nauseating up Close:

A Truth-Out Bundle from the Benevolent Beings over at GAoG, for your edification; grok Sum:

A Troika of Creator advice, it's not cheap so ya better pay some Now Moment Attention, Y'all:

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