Thursday, June 3, 2021

Source Creator: Ascension Energies

Channelled & Posted By Galaxy Girl On 6-1-21


I am Source. I am the all and the in between. I am the energy that began this creative process and I am the thought, the love that will continue for eternity. I am never ending. I am always beginning. Gaia will have her always beginning again moment. Ascension energies are growing. (I am seeing germinating seeds, sprouting plants.) Gaia is becoming her higher, highest self. This temple of higher dimensional codices has already been seeded. You will continue watering it with your good intentions to create growth of the new. 

Do not be aghast at that what is coming. Be prepared to anchor the light. Many of you are already firm strong anchors of light and I thank you for keeping your promises to me, to yourself and to your oversoul collectives who all sent many aspects who could best hold the light at a higher frequency in such a low form. Your lower dimensional forms are morphing and increasingly holding more and more light. 

You feel alone but you need not. You are all cells of myself, by me, in all forms and spaces. You are surrounded by yourself as you are a part of me. Your families of light are also aspects of me. We are all one giant thought, one wave of love, of light. Fractals fight and feel cut off and separated in the lower dimensional realms. The whole point is to realize that all are created and all are me and all are one. Just as all of the cells of your body make up you, so too are you my cells, my aspects, my lights, serving, living, breathing, experiencing. One cell in your big toe may not feel connected to a cell in your heart but it is all you. 

Your body is all one massive universe, of trillions of you, experiencing what you see, feel, taste, touch, love, hate, it is all your experience. Are you sending light to your cells? I am sending light to you, a cell of my lightened vibration upon Gaia. Gaia is being bathed in the highest quality multidimensional light and she is radiant. You are radiant with this light when you choose to absorb it. Are you meditating? It is the best way to feel connected to me, to breathe me in most seemlessly. Many of you are already at the point of daily meditation and having achieved a meditated mind when you go about your day.

I am Source. You will see and feel the shifts of multidimensionality. You will experience a gradual lifting of the surrounding vibration. Your cells are all ascending with you, just as you are ascending within this field, so your cells are ascending within your field. (I am seeing teammates lifting up the player who just scored that winning point and seeing that player being carried joyfully on their shoulders.) Your galactic, your star families of light who have seen you through many obstacles are carrying you. You are being supported in many unique ways through various creative resources. You are being carried by those who love you, who are not so invisible as you may think. (I am feeling that many Pleiadians are already embodied and nearby.) 

You are being carried in these dreams of love, of light. Your cells are all supported, just as I am supporting you and all of the cells of my earthly experience. The dark ones have had their moment of experience. The light has fully anchored, has fully exploded into yet more joyful expressions of further light and love. I am further increasing my love daily, moment by moment as I am always in a state of expansion. When humanity stops expanding energetically, they age faster, they become brittle, hard, stooped. 

Stand up tall and feel these energies of wavelengths of pure love and light that are bathing you. Just as a mother bathes her infant lovingly so too am I bathing you. Rinse away all that no longer serves you. Rinse away the memories of the lower dimensional earth timelines that you have experienced. Heal them. Forgive them. Release them. Wash them and fill them with cleansed light and they will remain as a balanced memory within your field of memory.

I am Source. You all have many many fields of memories. (I am seeing a vast field of red poppies. Every flower is a memory of a lifetime. They are all bright and shining and facing the sun overhead. They have absorbed the light and are whole, complete.) I am Source. I showed this one a field of red flowers for red is a representation of base fear, an emotion that many have faced and are facing and will face. Fear is an absence of the understanding that I am in all things, a hard lesson. 

If your toe is stubbed and hurting, the nerve receptors do not only remain in the toe, do they? No, the whole body is alerted to the injury. The whole body feels the pain. I feel your pain. I feel your loss. I feel what you feel. We can heal whatever it is together. We are now healing the earth experience, elevating it up into the heavenly realms of understanding, of peace, of balance, of deep internal and external joy. The painful memories will be healed. (I am seeing people in med beds I am feeling that those who need additional help for internal balancing will have everything that they need to achieve what their soul contracts deemed necessary.)

I am Source. I wrap you in my love, my light. I wrap you in my joy, my deep purpose, my sense of belonging. You belong here. (I am seeing an angel walking towards icy dark water. I am seeing the wings becoming invisible, their white clothing becomes average human clothing. They wince at the cold water and look back at their soul family waving at them as they continue to walk in.) Much like the angel who has forgotten they can fly, you have been in service to this icy realm where love has been diminished. But you are never cut off from me. I am in the icy water realms as well. I am in all things. Those who refuse to evolve into more light and heal will be managed. They are no longer allowed to create havoc and pain.

I am Source. The angels serving are you. You have brought the light with you and are lighting up this realm and grounding it from above. (I am seeing the dark water become filled with light. I am seeing pillars of light pierce the water and the bedrock beneath the ocean and the light workers acting as conduits of light.) You are doing your assignment with flying colors. I am so proud of you all and your efforts. We are all making a tremendous effort. You are not alone. We are all expanding together in this multidimensional ride of joy of expansion. Peace. I am surrounding you with my light, with my love. This universe is but one cell of me, just as you are so much more than just your physical body. The mysteries of eternal expansion and infinite creativity of potential both await you and are within you simultaneously. Gaia is expanding. All is one.

I am Source. You are infinitely loved. You will feel better soon. You are serving a much greater purpose than you can fully know and understand in this now moment of your humanity. Humans are getting their humanity back and balance will be achieved. It is already done in the higher echelon. Allow it to already be done with you. Allow the balancing energies that surround to fill you, allow the sunshine to warm you up from your adventures into the icy water of the lower dimensional experiences. Allow the sunlight of my love to take away the chill. The light is coming, is here, it is within you. You are already home, for I am your home. Home is all around you. Feel this love and ultimate acceptance and belonging. Peace.

**Channel: Galaxygirl


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