Thursday, June 10, 2021

Disclosure Digest 6-10-21


Today's Eclipse Is Triggering

The Restoration Of Our Republic


Sophia Love's latest gets top billing today, our thanks go out to Sierra NZ for spotting the Message:

 Chris Wallace in the [kill box], cancellation imminent if Fox stays true to form...stay Tuned:

Bat-shit crazy is contagious in the over-priced halls of academe and their vaunted ‘journals’; Barf:

Beware pop-up scammers when navigating the Restored Republic site, it’s under constant Attack:

Blue state Nevada's got orchestrated water shortages, just like in the Socialist Enclave of California:

A good precis of the Cabal/Octagon Group agenda for Humanity; Gates & Fauci are just front Men:

We got amusing Bee Stings galore so read on and cop a chuckle or two, the price is right:

Another day, another Three Witches Bundle; if Momma's not happy ain't nobody Happy:

Creator gets to wrap it up for us today; Kudos to all who get this far down the rabbit Hole:

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