Monday, June 28, 2021

Disclosure Digest 6-28-21


It's Time For A Gonadic Truth-Out...


Restoration of the Republic Bundle; Colorado skies full of military aircraft flying low and Fast:

Vaxatopia Follies - these fine young Vikings are again ahead of the curve in overthrowing Cabal BS:

Ben Fulford is in rare form and thus gets a solo presentation; as Always use your Clairsentience:

Finally, the LSM begins to tell some hard Truths from Toe-Tag City; wake up folks - It’s A Death Jab!!!

Killary’s actress double isn’t taking the long wait ‘till her gig is up very well. Pity the poor soulless doubles and clones, yet Jim Carey’s ‘Biden’ role is Oscar worthy, if we still give Oscars; Kekfest:

Are we starting to see a pattern here? Ya think? 

SF Grey Panther: I’ll have the Brontosaurus burger with a side of Jurassic Fern Greens, hold the Onions:

Git yer Three Articles for the price of One! Actually, there's no paywall or advertising; geheel Gratis: 

Last hot-link, last lines and last, but certainly not least, Creator! Tale it away big Fella :

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