Thursday, June 24, 2021

Disclosure Digest 6-24-21


Methinks It's Time To Slide Into Your 

New Higher Dimensional Hood...

While we're hanging out in this newly opened Portal we might want to explore our Buddha Nature:

Another woke cabal NGO with a power trip agenda and a lust for undeserved grant monies; Yuck:

Miami condo collapse could have been a failed cabal hit meant for Ivanka and Jared; git sum Booms!

The 2013 color revolution in the Ukraine explained as test bed for the US version presently Ongoing:

Young Pharaoh sez Galactics are contact-averse to species who eat their own young…whooda Thunkit?

Their 700+ years of ‘entertainment’ tradition is bad and it’s back; git sum Deutsche Real-axation:

Russian Forces Fire On NATO Warship After Top Catholic General Rescinds Biden Order; Spaciba:

Anons have long known these truths to be self-evident- secret police, anywhere, Suck the big One:

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