Thursday, June 3, 2021

Latest Utsava Update: EBS-Musk-Alien Invasion & More!


Posted By Utsava On 6-1&3-21

News has surfaced in the Alternative news media that the Deep state is blocking the EBS that was scheduled for approx. tomorrow. The decision has been made to do the EBS now but they are blocking things with technology. The White hats are hopeful, it can be done instead of tomorrow on or by the fourth of June. They are working on switching the EBS to a different system since the Deep state is blocking it. The information I was getting is that Elon Musk is heavily involved right now in blocking the EBS and it works via Satellites. He is also involved in using mind control technology via his satellites. I do not understand why Elon Musk is allowed to have satellites in the sky...Mind control technology and surveillance are done via satellites and they should not be in private parties' 'hands'.

Why has Elon Musk satellites in the sky? He has his own agenda. I said this a while back, he is controlled by a dark alien group; not totally evil but dark. He was also playing the Bitcoin game, where he first boosted it in order to set a trap for others and created a pumping/dumping scheme. He also wanted to back stab Trump and is a big power player.

Our internet is switched to a very fast satellite internet and we are supposed to have free internet. We also will get free power with the Tesla and there also will be Tesla units available for sale that provide free power as well.

What I feel is that when alien disclosure is coming and the Deep state will undermine this. They will create a fake alien invasion. People may see UFO's which are not real.

They are destroying more tunnels and dumbs. The Deep State have been going in there in order to be trafficking children again. They cleared them but not destroyed all. Now they are going back and do the trafficking again and this is why the White hats went in there again in order to destroy them. The White hats are working on the last layer of scum that needs to be taken out. There are also operators as part of the alliance who pretended to be on the good side but which are on the bad side.

Not all can handle the higher frequencies. There are people who are not willing to do the inner work and want to use tools from the old system to restructure the new. It won't be working out for them. Whatever the dark forces will attempt to do-in a nutshell-will fail for them big time!

I have stated recently, that the decision has been made to do the EBS this week-BUT then the Deep state was blocking the technology (on TV for instance), while it does work on radio. The EBS is coming and it is world wide ('Nothing can stop what is coming'), no matter what. I see a fuzzy picture if it is this week or not. I do not see a concrete date any longer (they were planning the EBS June 2 as stated the other day, but then the black hats have blocked it.) They are working on fixing the technical issues right now. They are hopeful it will be done by June 4. 

The White hats' goal was to get everything done by June 14, which is Trump's birthday. I cannot confirm that all, including the EBS, will get done by June 14 and never confirmed this date. I was reading this goal that all will be done by June but have not confirmed June 14. It is possible end of June or there could be a slight delay of another two weeks to do the EBS. It is not clear as of yet when they get it fixed. We will get it done!! I have confirmed that the plan is by June it will be done. What is 'it': Nesara announcement, med beds, official currency reset, debt forgiveness (big swipe), most likely also the EBS, Biden to be determined an illegitimate president and the official removal of him etc.

Elvis is in the news again. We have also seen Diana and JFK junior in the news lately. This is of course not a coincidence considering the fact that we will know soon officially that they are alive. Something we have known for years but others did not. JFK junior is VP and Donald Trump is president.

You see also controversy in regards to Fauci in the news. He will be exposed publicly. There is a facemask out there controlled by the White hats. Also in the news is information about the Wuhan China lab who created the corona virus lab. The WHO helped covering it up. Where this is going is that Bill Gates will be implicated and as I have been saying a while back, everyone will know in one year from now on, what he did and that he is in prison, or similar. I have been saying this at least a year ago. They are also finding out that the virus is geo engineered. Emails have surfaced by Fauci that indicates the creation of these viruses.

As we said a long time ago, they wanted to spread a seriously deadly virus, but Trump has shut down their labs. Corona is much less harmful than the flu virus, Dr. Drew and many others have said this early on. They were threatened and unfortunately a lot of people don't realize that the corona virus itself is much less harmful then anticipated.

Forbes has reported that Trump is saying he will be back in August (reinstated officially as president)-We have known this for a while to be true.

The Deep State is also retaliating by having people fight us with mind control technology, psychic attacks, deleting Facebook messages (I had horse rescue pictures deleted), altering posts on social media, breaking into financial accounts etc.

I have also received some more clues as to what is on the horizon short term. This is what the Trump team focus on right now, in a nutshell. We already know all of it, but it was confirmed:
-Military Tribunals becoming public (news).

-New election

-Trump will be back in Summer.


-Martial law

-New Financial system

-Schools new curriculum

-Food shortage

-Alternative medicine

-Bill Gates exposed (among co conspirators Fauci, Wuhan lab, WHO etc.)


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