Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Starseed Transmissions Chapters 7,8 & 9

I first read this book much closer to when it was originally published back in 1991.  The material in it was channeled by Ken Carey over an 11 day period from December 27, 1978 to January 6, 1979.   I don’t honestly recall my impressions from the first reading, but I’ve kept it on my shelf all these years and was recently nudged to go dust it off and have a look.
What I found inside these pages is nothing short of perfect for these exact times.  Enjoy…

Compiled By Suzanne Maresca

All around you all across the planet, joyful melodies will be sounding forth, all perfectly synchronized with each other, all playing together in an exquisitely balanced orchestration, a perfect symphony. This is the Creator’s love song to the planet Earth.

In this state of grace, no longer will you be compelled by the narrow dictates of your rational interpretations. No longer will you be held prisoner within the structure of your conceptions. You will be free to flow in joyful, rhythmic oscillation between your reality as the unmanifest totality of God, and your reality as His specific functional projection in form.

Tapping directly into the informational systems of eternal Being, your species will usher the Earth into an age of unimaginable blessing and prosperity.

(Excerpt from Ch.7)

Here are the next three chapters beautifully illustrated by Suzanne for your consideration. Git Sum hard-core, old school Enlightenment!



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